A Little Albian Adventure

Unable to pass up the opportunity to welcome a Purple Mountain Norn into Creatures 1, I hatched a perfectly color coordinated egg! This stunning little girl was named Wyrrd, which is the name of one of the Norns from Norse mythology. I decided that she would be the last breed to be introduced to Albia, although a few more first generation Norns might be introduced to the world! I loved seeing her vibrant colors, and could not help but imagine what her children could look like.

Surprisingly, Wyrrd spent a good portion of her life all alone in the garden. A mass exodus had taken everyone away to the island, leaving her with everything to herself. I was very happy with how much time she spent learning, though, and I eventually thought that the rest of the Norns would have been a distraction. Wyrrd was a distraction in herself, though, with all of her natural makeup! She certainly added more color to Albia! It was just a shame that she could never remove her makeup… I figured that might have been a pleasant experience.

Odin discovered a peaceful spot on the island where he could relax and observe the aquatic life. It turned out to be a much needed vacation for him! After all, being the only adult male for quite some time was enough responsibility in itself, and he certainly was in no mood to raise his children. On the other hand, Odin might have been tired and grumpy from his lack of sleep. He refused to follow me back to the rest of the Norns, so I willingly gave him his privacy, along with a few carrots! Sometimes a Norn wants to have some time alone, and I hoped that this would lead Odin to be a much happier Norn.

Dvalin continued to lie in wait for his best friend, Freya, but the cart carried a different surprise. Loki was in an adventurous mood. He was very pleased when he met his first Grendel, and showed no fear whatsoever. They passed a honey pot back and forth a few times as they shared in a friendly meal. As much as Dvalin enjoyed the attention, he still acted as though something was missing.

After a good deal of time with the other Norns, Auja was very excited to find the garden all but abandoned. She had the entire lush space to herself! Since she was thrust into a group of about seven or eight Norns, the solitude was exactly what she wanted. Auja focused on the top and bouncing ball: I tried to convince her that a hearty meal of carrots and lemons would be a good idea, but she simply nibbled on a few small bites and continued bouncing her ball! No one else showed much interest in the toys, so it was nice to see Auja playing.

Odin reluctantly returned from his island vacation, and suddenly took a great deal of interest in his children. He spent time with Loki and Auja at the docks before they headed off to explore the world. He was nearly frozen in place when he looked at Thor, though! They stood eye-to-eye for awhile, sharing a silent bond. The only Norn who did not get in much family time was Baldur, who went on many, many submarine journeys. Hopefully Odin will give him an equal amount of attention in the future.

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