Playing the Egg Waiting Game

Freya tapped her foot while she waited impatiently for her egg to arrive. Even though she was the eldest female in Albia, Vanadis was the one with the older children. I thought Freya would be jealous in some regards, but she has been very polite! She even began exploring outside of the garden region. A desire to find Dvalin probably has been leading her on: Hopefully Freya will have a reunion with her long-lost love in the future! Norns and Grendels can live completely separate lives, although they often benefit from the companionship.

After part of the egg popped off in the soft warmness of the incubator, the second baby from Vanadis and Odin showed off her beautiful smile! I named her Auja, which is a Norse name meaning good luck. Auja was the first second generation female born in the world, which had a good deal of males already! Her older brother, Thor, could have been her twin, had it not been for the age difference! At least they had slightly different genetics. Keeping the gene pool diverse is a little different with Creatures 1, since close relatives do not pose any genetic problems. Still, it’s a concern to keep in mind.

Vanadis and Freya followed suit when they got pregnant in rapid succession. Naturally, Freya’s bright egg hatched the moment after Auja learned her basic vocabulary words! I was pleased to present Loki, who was very similar to his older brother, Baldur! Loki was exhausted after fighting his way out of his shell, and he sat in front of the incubator as he caught his breath. Working that hard for such a tiny body was a lot. I let him reflect on his monumental achievement, and he looked like he might have popped out a little too soon. No worries: Baldur was soon ready to take on the world!

Nearby, Dvalin was sleeping off the effects of the hootch in the lift! He became obsessed with the little green cans to the point where he did not venture anywhere else. A mysterious carrot or honey pot found its way to him many times, but the hootch has proven to be his favorite. I caught Dvalin lugging around the coffee pot, too! The caffeine was not enough to counteract the sleepiness, though. I believe he was simply lying in wait, hoping that Freya would come back into his life.

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