The Next Chapter of Discover Albia

After months of letting my laptop brood away, I happily discovered that it is now in proper working order! I also made a few technical changes, which may or may not make a difference, yet the good news is that Discover Albia can finally return! All data is also now backed up, although my plans to get a new gaming computer are still a little ways away. In the meantime, my fingers are crossed that I will get a good run out of this wonderful laptop!

My dilemma is where to restart. Unfortunately, I lost a good deal of unsaved pictures documenting the births and lives of at least three new baby Norns. It has been quite some time since I visited Albia, and I fear that I have forgotten some of the mini-storylines that kept me so engaged with my Norns and Grendels. I have been contemplating what to do next, but figured that the best way to move forward would be to see what everyone would be interested in! Continue chronicling the lives of my original Creatures? Begin an entirely new world? Or perhaps a bit of both?

Please feel free to leave any and all feedback! I thoroughly enjoy the Creatures series myself, but a good deal of my motivation comes from the community. I know I can never please everyone, but I would be very interested to know what opinions there may be! I look forward to returning, as does my laptop!

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