Eggs and How to Wear One

As soon as Wyrrd grew up, she became quite the adventurer! She found a nice spot on the island and took a peaceful nap. This seemed to be the place for a Norn to find some peace and solitude: I found many of the Norns here on various occasions, but I always saw them alone. Funny how such a popular place could have been time shared so neatly! I suppose that everyone had the idea that this was a quiet spot.

Wyrrd eventually made her way up the lift to find herself face-to-face with the handsome Thor. Perhaps it was love at first sight or a mix of hormones, but within a few seconds, the young adult Norn found herself pregnant for the first time! I was particularly pleased with this match, since both of these Norns have been pretty self-sufficient and also look amazing! I try not to play favorites, but some Norns are simply irresistible. Personality is everything, and sometimes players mesh with some Norns more than others. I didn’t exactly have favorites: More like my “favorite” favorites and the rest of my favorites!

A happy pregnant Norn was a rare and joyful treat, indeed! Although Creatures 1 Norns do not have bellies that grow with pregnancy, Wyrrd looked radiant with her usual round tummy. I had planned to entice her to lay her egg near the incubator, so that it would be ready to be hatched quickly. She had other plans, however, and laid her egg shortly after this picture was taken! I missed it completely, and had to go looking everywhere before I found her wonderful creation.

Dvalin made his way back into the group of Norns he has grown up with, albeit at a distance. Freya was unusually distant with him, sadly, which I was not expecting. Many of the others welcomed him warmly into the family, but he seemed quite upset about being ignored by Freya. In the end, Dvalin returned to the settlement and looked a bit hurt. I spent some time with him to let him know that I still thought of him all the time. Poor little Dvalin!

Part of the problem with Freya might have been her jealousy over the eggs stashed near the learning computer. She now had more competition with Wyrrd, and just as she seemed upset with Vanadis getting pregnant, she was simply frustrated. In a comical move, Freya picked up an egg and decided to half wear it and half carry it about with her! She was quite happy, and probably wanted to express how she wanted another egg. Still, I was a little upset with her for ignoring her favorite Grendel.

In an almost predictable move, Albia threw another illness at the Norn population. Vanadis became ill shortly after laying an egg fathered by Baldur. I guess the lack of his father’s attention encouraged him to become a father himself! Luckily, Vanadis was alone when she laid her egg, so she was the only one affected by antigen 3. We just need to be infected with antigens 0, 1, and 2 to complete the collection! Oddly enough, there has not been a repeated illness.

There was an extremely long period of time without any pregnancies, even though there was constant kiss-popping throughout the land! In the end, I was thrilled to find three females become pregnant at about the same time! Pictured here is Auja, who laid down next to her egg with Baldur. Wyrrd also became pregnant for the second time, and she chose Thor yet again! Finally, Freya decided that it was time to have another egg, and the partially abandoned Baldur was once again a father! What an energetic Norn!

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