Gracefully Aging Norns

It was recently determined that Wyrrd would be the winner of a beauty contest amongst the current residents of Albia: I would still agree, even though she aged into an elder Norn! Purple Mountain Norns actually shrink with age and have drastically different appearances. She was still clearly herself, only with a brand new haircut and body size. Wyrrd still had all her spunk and energy! She was kind enough to pose like a true beauty queen, aged though she was. I could just see her heading off to the Albian Bingo Hall for an evening filled with fun…

Vanadis aged much more subtly, and I have often missed the life cycle progression in White Haired Pixie Norns. This picture just barely shows the wrinkles that had come out on her cheeks and forehead. In certain ways, Vanadis did not look much different from her younger days! Perhaps she holds a secret to a youthful appearance that only her children will ever know about. Or it might be a secret she’ll take with her to the grave! Norns can be tricky like that, though I imagined she would pass it along if there was anything to actually pass on.

Oddly enough, Freya took quite a long time to experience her life cycle change. It was a little sad to see her lose that bright blond hair, yet she did not seem to mind the difference. So long as it stayed in one place, Freya was one happy Norn! I, on the other hand, was a bit worried: There still had been no additional eggs, and it looked like Freya would not pass along her Horse Norn genes. She certainly was one unique Norn, and I could do very little to convince her otherwise. Alone she remained.

On a happier note, Rimfaxi grew into a very handsome adult Norn! He and Dvalin shared a quiet moment in the garden, where they reflected over their lives. With the original first generation Norns entering their final life stage, the path looked like it would be open for their children. However, I could not ignore the fact that only five eggs remained, with no new pregnancies. Could this be the beginning of a disaster?

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