A New Start for Discover Albia?

Life and a few computer meltdowns have all but kept me away from the Creatures community for far too long. Unfortunately, all of my Creatures files, including my beloved Norns, have been lost to cyberspace. There is a small chance I might be able to recover them, yet it looks like a fresh new start is in order!

The biggest obstacle at this point is the fact that I do not have a computer to run Creatures on: Macs have a way of not being very Windows-friendly. The good news? I am fairly certain I will be able to purchase a Windows emulator and get back on track with Creatures! There will most likely be a bit of a delay, but July is just about the time I hope to return.

In the meantime, I will be slowly making my way back into the community! I have truly missed everyone, in more ways than I can express. Actually playing Creatures and nurturing life have also been enormous voids in my life as of late. I have lots of news to catch up on, including the upcoming projects and games related to Creatures and Steve Grand!

I apologize for my many absences. Now that it looks like technology is on my side, I intend to be much more active. Stay tuned for some more Norn stories, as well as some topics related to the actual science within the games!

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