An Aging Population of Norns

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes today! I appreciate the time many people took to send some kind messages my way. It really means a lot, and I can’t thank everyone enough for the wonderful support. The Creatures community is, by far, one of the best groups of people out there. Thank you again!

Aging affects Norns in very different ways. Eydis entered the elder life stage with just a couple of wrinkles. She seemed very pleased with her appearance, but the moment that Truett aged, I nearly fell into a fit of laughter! Eydis looked terrified at the little bald Norn who stood before her. He was very much changed, and I hardly blamed her for the slightly rude stare!

Kari was exhausted after laying her first egg in the Albian garden. The only young Norn in the world, Ranulf, stood over the egg for quite some time. He looked like he was attempting to imitate the egg laying process in mid-air! Perhaps it would not be too long before he would be able to admire an egg of his own.

I was worried about Ingelill, who seemed to be stuck in her pregnancy for much longer than usual. She finally laid her egg and fell into a deep slumber which was very deserved. Bera and Valborg met up near the shining egg and decided that it was just about time to create another egg! I thought their pose was priceless: Their hands were almost touching and they looked so cuddly together. Valborg had suffered from low fertility twice due to overcrowding: I was thrilled that he was able to recover in time to father at least one more baby Norn. Hopefully he wasn’t planning a comeback tour!

Sleep was a common theme throughout Creatures 1! Truett looked quite adorable on the docks as he took in the salty sea air. He might have appeared to be an exceptionally old Norn, yet I still saw him as an adorable and energetic Purple Mountain Norn. Nearby, Kari also took a nap… While standing. It almost looked like she had fallen asleep while watching the clock! The first attempt at self hypnotism? At least she had left the belladonna alone and chosen to fall asleep. Albia was at its most peaceful, with a steady stream of eggs and happiness. I was prepared for the next illness, and knew that if it came, the older Norns might not be strong enough to fight it off. With any luck, though, those antigens and toxins would stay at bay long enough to let the first generation Norns live out their lives in complete peace. One can hope, right?

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