In the Beginning (Take Three)

The beginning of a new world always brings about excitement, anticipation, and a certain level of anxiousness. To date, two Creatures 1 worlds have been featured on Discover Albia. We have followed the lives of dozens of Norns and Grendels: Along the way, little ones emerged from their eggs to our delight, while plague and old age took the lives of those we had become attached to. Now, for the third time, Albia will rise again and bring with it many untold stories.

Six small eggs represent the hopes of a new future, in the abandoned world the Shee left behind. Dramatics aside, the hatchery is the standard place to go when starting off in Creatures 1. Although I know that each of these eggs will enter Albia, the maddening part is choosing which one to begin with! The easy part is choosing the gender: I always hatch a female Norn first, for multiple reasons. The most important is that females are slightly fertile throughout old age. Although they may not become pregnant easily, the possibility remains. On the other hand, males lose their fertility completely as they age, typically due to excessive stress.

Females also develop slightly slower than males. The ladies take a little bit longer before they are fully capable of becoming first-time mothers. From a purely generational standpoint, a female is the logical choice as the firstborn Norn. From my own perspective, I also slightly favor female Norns over male Norns because I enjoy following their pregnancies. Chemical levels rise and fall, and nothing compares to seeing an egg laid in the wild. Am I biased? A bit, but rightfully so! Of the hatchery eggs, females reside in the shiny blue one to the far left, the purple spotted one, and the red and yellow striped one. Which will hatch first? Stay tuned!

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