Lots of Love for a Little Grendel

The next inhabitant of Albia was not a Norn, but rather a tiny Grendel! The updated baby sprites I installed made this little guy almost imperceptible: He blended in so well with his surroundings! Meet Keir, pronounced [KEER], which is a Norse name meaning rough wet ground or little dark one. Quite fitting for a Grendel! Keep in mind that Creatures originally made Grendels seem like mean, nasty monsters who carried diseases. After reading more of the back story, this has some merit. However, C1 Grendels are one of the least dangerous inhabitants. A few encounters with the stinging bees, and Grendels might seem like ideal playmates! Keir was too adorable to pass by, and I was determined to eventually integrate him with the Norns.

I was baffled when Keir closed his drooping eyelids and fell asleep. Newborn Norns and Grendels are almost impossible to calm down! I would like to take the time to point out how vulnerable Keir appears in this photo. He may not have the universal cuteness that Norns possess, yet he has his own unique character that makes him just as loveable. I encourage anyone starting out in Creatures 1 to give Grendels a chance: They were initially given a bad reputation, most of which is unfounded. There are several COBs and downloads available that improve the C1 Grendels, such as the baby sprites and Grendel Friendly COB. Norns and Grendels can coexist peacefully!

Keir stared at me for a moment tapping his foot and waiting, somewhat impatiently. It dawned on me that he was probably indicating his boredom, which had previously been satiated via the fancy blue and pink Nightshade. Keir had eaten it at least twice, which explained the sheer sleepiness! Nightshade causes an unsuspecting creature to fall asleep very quickly, as Keir demonstrated! Clearly, it was time to find other forms of entertainment and nutrition.

We had a wonderful time bouncing the ball on the bridge. Keir was able to bounce it very high in the air, and had a wonderful time! His tiny, shuffling steps were simply adorable, even though it took him quite some time to move a large distance. He was not amused with the dragon-in-a-box toy, as shown above, but he delighted in watching and chasing after the ball. Keir also wolfed down a few carrots and an entire pot of honey! A Grendel never deserves to be hidden in the shadows of Albia.

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