Simple Innocence in a Norn’s World

Eydis was not one to rest for long! We spent a little more time together learning new words before those curious fingers reached out to the teleporter. In no time at all, she found a brand new area to explore! The lemon trellis in Creatures 1 is often a particularly interesting landmark for many Norns: Eydis was no exception. I nearly squeaked in adoration when she craned her neck up to stare at the highest lemon! There were carrots nearby that would have been simple to look at and ear, yet Eydis decided to set her attention on the most difficult prize. This could be a valuable trait, and I only hoped that it would prove useful to this Norn.

The size of baby creatures, whether they be Norns or Grendels, is something to consider. As Eydis followed after the windup robot, I could not help but notice how tiny she was! Imagine playing with a toy either as tall or taller than yourself. It is a little bit of a scary concept at a young age, yet once again, Eydis illustrated how she would not be scared off by a simple toy. By and by, she grew tired of this gadget and focused her attention elsewhere. Norns tend to jump from one object to another!

The process of learning can be a difficult one. The fire in Creatures 1 is far too interesting to ignore for most Norns: The natural tendency, however, is to reach out and interact with it. Eydis did not surprise me with her curiosity. I was perplexed by her multiple attempts to “push fire” because she leaped back in pain each time. Most likely, I was to blame: I encouraged her to experiment. Although Eydis learned a very important lesson about hot surfaces, she received a number of comforting tickles afterwards. I plan on exploring the temperature differences in various areas of Albia.

The fearless Eydis continued on in her quest to explore Albia! After a much needed rest, she crawled off in search of the popular lemon trellis. She picked all three of the lemons from the highest branches. I laughed a little when she began her victory dance! She was truly excited about her accomplishment, and I was as proud of her as if I was her own mother. Innocence never lasts forever, though: It was time to focus my attention on another creature. I was confident Eydis would succeed, yet leaving her alone was a difficult decision.

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