A Joyful Return to Albia

Bolga was certainly excited when I finally visited Creatures 1 again! Life has been crazy lately, and I’m very glad that my Norns and Grendel were able to enjoy a pause in time. Imagine the chaos if they had been left to their own devices for several weeks! As it was, a large group of Norns congregated on the desert island, with Halvor traveling back and forth periodically. Bolga was in the worst health, but it only took a carrot or two to brighten her mood. Albia was just as I had left it, and it was very enjoyable to see my Norns again. Funny how easy it is to get attached to these seemingly simple beings.

In the virtually abandoned incubator area, I found the aging Glein by himself. He decided that a nearby bumblebee would make an acceptable companion: Judging by the speed of the bee, he probably did not share the same sentiment! I had a flashback of Eydis attempting to be the beekeeper, while suffering from almost constant stinging. Although Glein seemed to have more sense than to put up with mindless bee stings, he was eager to follow his new friend to the ends of the world. So long as he was well fed and healthy, I was happy to wish him all the best!

While the rest of the creatures were visiting the desert island or following bees, an adorable relationship formed between Erikstad and Leira. Although they might appear to be related, they share no common ancestors. From the moment she met Erikstad, Leira was smitten. They often alternated between slapping and kissing one another: Not exactly a healthy routine, but they were fascinated with one another. As Leira headed off leisurely, Erikstad followed close behind, ever watchful. He either wanted to make a close friend, or protect Leira from any other males!

As usual, another egg made its way into the world! Dalselv and Kleppstad, pictured in the middle and right, were the proud parents. Although Dalselv put forth most of the effort when it came to incubating and laying the egg, it was the father who needed a nap! The result of sympathy pains? I figured it was more likely due to his active lifestyle, although it’s difficult to complain about a sleeping Norn. Most of the time, the deep snoring is cause for celebration! Jetvika looked on with interest: She had yet to experience her first pregnancy, and she may very well have had her eye on the peacefully sleeping Kleppstad!

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