Disappearing Youth and Fertility in Albia

Nothing could keep the second generation Norns away from the desert island! Bolga had even made the middle level her home, where she was free to watch the underwater life lazily swim by. It was quite peaceful, although I had to ferry in some food from time to time. Eventually, Kleppstad decided to share this paradise with Bolga, and after a little time, another egg was on its way! Understandably, there was some heavy snoring that could be heard throughout Albia, and Bolga prepared herself for her fourth pregnancy.

With enough adults in the world, it was time to hatch a new member of the group! This lively little Norn is Leira, daughter of Ingelill and Valborg. She may appear to be related to the majority of the Norns, but her only relative is Innhavet, who is still only a half-brother. I had my hands full with a new baby Norn, though! Newborns require almost constant attention for the first five to fifteen minutes of their lives. Luckily, the observation kit kept an eye on the rest of the Norns. Leira enjoyed her introductory lessons quite a lot, and the carrots she devoured were more than ample for a first meal. Naturally, she was not without genetic mutations! Not too many of my Norns are, after all!


Chemical emitters define specific conditions within a Creature in order to affect chemicals. Some examples include experiencing stress from excessive drives, becoming cold due to environmental conditions, and more.

157 Ado F MutDupCut Creature, Reproductive, I am pregnant, chem=Progesterone, thresh=2, samp=13, gain=4, features=Digital

This mutation is fairly minor, although it is quite interesting. In the standard Norn genome, the threshold is 0. This aspect controls when the designated chemical will be emitted into the bloodstream. My understanding of this gene is still a little murky, but I believe that Leira will have a slightly delayed reaction to a pregnancy. Progesterone is normally emitted immediately after becoming pregnant, but with a slightly higher threshold, her progesterone should begin its increase a little later on. This should make any pregnancies last longer than usual, yet I have a feeling that this slight mutation will not have a large impact.


Chemical half-lives define the decay rate of each chemical. In the absence of any reactions, a half-life defines how long a chemical will remain. Half-lives can range from fractions of a second to an entire lifetime.

1 Emb B MutDup 2XAdrenaline 253

The name of this chemical is not obviously found in the list of Creatures 1 chemicals: A quick look at the list reveals two chemicals called adrenaline. One of these is a naturally occurring chemical, while the second is the name of an injection used by the syringe. It is this latter adrenaline that the “2XAdrenaline” refers to. In the standard Norn genome, the half-life is 255, which is shown as 248 in the genetics kit. Remember that 248 is the highest value that a half-life can be assigned within the genetics kit. This mutation should have no effect on little Leira for two reasons. The first is that the change is so minor that it should not have an effect: A half-life of 248 takes 52 years to go from its maximum to zero, while a half-life of 240 only reduces this time frame to 26 years. These are real-time figures, and not in Albian time! The second reason is that I have yet to use the syringe, even in emergency situations. It is a nice feature, yet I prefer to let nature take its course.


Stimuli genes define the chemicals that a Creature expects to receive in response to an action. These actions can range from interactions with the hand to involuntary actions like coughing or sneezing.

243 Emb B Mut ‘Invol 2=’sneeze” causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0, , , => 32*Pain + 8*Tiredness + 8*Fear + 18*Hexokinase

This mutation should look somewhat familiar! Leira inherited this from her father, Valborg. The standard Norn genome includes just 16 Hexokinase. This slight increase means that sneezing should drain the energy of Leira slightly more quickly than usual. If she can stay away from sneezing as much as possible, though, she should never have to endure this mutation.

I was extremely surprised when I visited Glein and discovered that he had reached old age at just under six hours old! Five other Norns were older than Glein, and none of them showed any signs that they were ready to move onto the next life stage. He was not known for aging any more quickly than usual, and I thought that his life was characterized by relatively low stress. Perhaps Glein simply decided that gray highlights would be the latest style. In any case, his new appearance didn’t appear to affect him too much! Glein strutted about the Norn home and garden, showing off his new hairstyle to anyone who cared to watch. Which was just myself. Oh, Glein!

I was worried when I found out that every male Norn, aside from Kleppstad, was producing little to no testosterone. Stress affects both males and females in terms of fertility, yet it always seems like males experience its ill effects more often. In any event, Kleppstad became the most eligible bachelor in Albia! Forvika, Bolga, and Dalselv decided to have a little contest to see who could become pregnant first. It might have seemed fun at the time, but Kleppstad was exhausted! Dalselv won the contest, and perched herself near the water’s edge. I had serious concerns about when the next egg would come along… At this rate, Kleppstad would be stressed out beyond belief! Perhaps it was time for another round of youngsters in the world.

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