Greeting the Newest Member of Albia

I noticed that many of my Norns had been sleeping quite soundly, which was a far cry from the recent crowded group on the desert island. Leira looked so peaceful in the jungle, where she napped to the steady ticking of the clock. It struck me as odd that the Shee would have placed a clock in such a random spot, but Leira enjoyed it. Perhaps she was off dreaming of carrot patches! Carrots must have played some role in her dreams, what with one practically crammed up her nose! The sleep cycle in Norns may never be understood, but carrots and clocks seem to provide some sort of comfort.

With many of the Albian Norns reaching old age, it was about time for a new egg to hatch. Since I lay eggs through the Genetics Kit, I have the option of choosing the gender. Still, I keep it randomized to maintain some degree of chance. I was ecstatic when out popped a little male: Even Kleppstad’s fertility had begun to drop, leaving no fertile males. This adorable little guy is Mevik, the son of Bera and Folkvar. He looks almost exactly like his father, save for his Forest Norn arms. It took him no time at all to master the computer concepts, and he was probably one of the most laid back baby Norns I ever met. Not once did Mevik become distracted: He sat in one spot like a budding scholar! I was excited to delve into a genetics discussion, but Mevik was lucky in that he only had one mutation.


Stimuli genes define the chemicals that a Creature expects to receive in response to an action. These actions can range from interactions with the hand to involuntary actions like coughing or sneezing.

97 Emb B Mut ‘I bump into wall’ causes sig=0 GS=neu2(I’ve bumped a wall) int=255, , , Sensed Even When Asleep => 25*Pain++ + 0*NFP

Does this look familiar? It should: Mevik inherited this from his father, as did his older brother, Kleppstad. Although this mutation will have no effect, it does replace NONE with NFP. With any luck, this could be further mutated down the line so that a Norn experiences Need For Pleasure when he or she bumps into a wall. This could be quite helpful in deterring this annoying behavior!

I found Jetvika in the treehouse area, where she was resting comfortably. She was one of the terrible eaters, and I was surprised to find her finally falling asleep. The sheer exhaustion has to tire Norns out after awhile: If only they could understand that sleeping for just a few minutes every so often was beneficial! But no. Chatting away, slapping one another, and riding lifts seem to be the best things in life for many Norns. They may be intelligent beings, yet that so-called intelligence certainly flies out the window a lot! It does make them all the more endearing, though.

Mevik soon met his first friend in the form of the elder Dalselv. She offered him a slap as a greeting, although he was more fascinated with her than to just run off. Nice try, Dalselv! When she laid down for a short rest, Mevik suddenly decided to go on guard duty. He stood in this position for a little over a minute, which is a lot in terms of a Norn’s life! It was a gallant effort, although I wanted to tell him that the real danger could come from behind him… One can never trust that eerie scarecrow in the Creatures 1 garden!

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