Happy Norns, Happy Eggs

My more frequent visits didn’t seem to make much of a difference to my Norns: Bolga promptly fell asleep after I gave her a few tickles on the nose! I never would have picked the gloomy jungle as a nice place to rest, but she found it to make a wonderful sleeping area. Perhaps the bamboo post made her feel a little more secure. Bolga was actually one of the lucky few who was alone for the time being: Nine out of the eleven Norns were on the desert island and crowded together! Even Halvor, the Grendel, was mixed in, although he had enough sense to hang out with the unhatched eggs. They made nice, quiet companions.

It took me some time to at least separate the large group into a number of smaller groups. I carried carrots into the masses, hoping someone would grab hold and take a few bites! Fortunately, everyone seemed to fare pretty well, despite the cramped living conditions. Soon enough, Dalselv was virtually mobbed by Kleppstad, Glein, and Erikstad! She raced to the edge of the dock, and appeared ready to take a swim to get away from the mob of very friendly males. In the end, I discovered that another little egg was on its way! It was hardly unexpected, though.

In my last post, I mistook Leira for Husby. I had to give the lady a little more attention, and I was happy when I found her alone in the garden. Leira was a little distraught over being by herself for so long. I found her with a frightened frown plastered on her little face. A couple of tickles, and she was as bright and cheery as ever! She was one of the better eaters, although her desire to travel seemed to be pretty low. With the state of matters on the desert island, I was happy that Leira was able to enjoy just being on her own. I made it a point to spend a good deal of time with her so that she would not be so lonely. I also hoped that Bolga might travel towards her and provide some company. Norns never seem to find the right balance between loneliness and crowdedness.

Dalselv! I had a good laugh over this snapshot, where Dalselv decided that it would be a wonderful photo opportunity with her new egg. I loved how she was carrying one carrot, while another one “pointed” towards her prideful possession. Maybe she could have moved a little closer? Or perhaps she was a little afraid of this odd object that had caused her so much pain! In any event, she chose a perfect place to stand and share an enormous smile. Congratulations on egg number six, Dalselv! She certainly loved being a mother!

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