Bobingabout’s New Signpost System for C3/DS

Here is a video complete with a demonstration of Bobingabout’s New Signpost System for C3/DS! The favorite place icons can create a problem in smaller metarooms, and this video shows how this issue occurs and how this handy agent fixes it. It’s a seemingly simple fix, but very useful! Enjoy, and as I say, “Fix those favorite places!”

Creatures Docking Station Signpost System Demo

This agent, along with the third-party metarooms shown in the video, can be found at the following links:
New Signpost System – Credited to Bobingabout
Biodome – Credited to Liam and Team
Garbage Dump – Credited to Moe, edash, and AquaShee
Past Seas – Credited to Grendel Man and Nirax
Scribble Room – Credited to AquaShee and Team
Veridia – Credited to Soliloquy and Liam