Creatures 4 and the Master Shee

Fishing Cactus announced the Creatures 4 Master Shee yesterday. This concept art is the first big piece of news in quite some time! Naturally, it has been met with mixed reactions around the community. Many of us had ideas of what the species of Shee would look like: The images from the past games were mysterious at best, yet these still gave many of us a way to picture the Shee. I agree with many who state that the Master Shee does not depict the Shee that we might have imagined. However, the Shee folklore has always been shrouded in mystery, and their appearance is subject to interpretation. Fishing Cactus may not have pleased everyone, yet Creatures 4 is a brand new game: The team has a mountain of a task in bringing in new players, while still trying to appeal to current Creatures players. There are bound to be aspects that will make us wonder. Perhaps the Master Shee is a lot closer to a human than many of us expected, yet Fishing Cactus is clearly attempting to tie in some elements from previous games. Would a completely new species have been the right route to go? He rather seems like a helpful character to guide players.

I see the responses to this concept art as very promising: Not everyone seems to be thrilled, yet there are many healthy discussions developing about Creatures 4. One thing that Fishing Cactus has done extremely well so far is community involvement. Our questions are almost always answered within a day’s time on the blog, and nothing has been blatantly hidden from us. Except actual gameplay footage and more information, of course, but I imagine those will come when they’re ready! The Master Shee might take a little getting used to for those of us who had preconceived notions, yet I don’t think this design is reason enough to write off the upcoming game, which is apparently coming out in June 2012, according to Bigben Interactive. This design does not completely ruin the Shee species: Perhaps some of us have even thought of some possible stories about the Master Shee! Creatures 4 is still quite a mystery, and I continue to wait to form a solid opinion about the game. We still only know of a few snippets, and Fishing Cactus has not disappointed yet. Keep an eye out for more information and news! Creatures 4 was renamed Creatures Online in 2013.

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