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A Wake Up Call Heard Around Albia

The birds chirped, the leaves rustled, and everyone slowly woke up one fine morning in Creatures 1. Then came an enormous “BOOM!” from the vicinity of the settlement! Coll sounded off the cannon many times to make sure that no Norn, nor Grendel, would sleep in! This contraption became his favorite thing in the world, and nothing else could compare to its loudness. Coll was a little isolated, so perhaps he needed something to temporarily replace the endless chatter between Norns and Grendels. At least I could escape this racket!

I lost track of the littlest member of the group, Eilonwy, whom I thought was safely exploring the garden. It turned out that she was the most adventurous of anyone: She had made a comfortable retreat for herself on the desert island! With some cheese and honey nearby, she was never hungry for long. As was the case with most baby Norns before her, Eilonwy was intrigued with the shiny ball! She loved to chase it around, but she also enjoyed freezing in this pose and studying it for a few minutes. Was it perfectly round? Only she knew the answer to such a question!

On the opposite side of Albia, love was in the air between Angharad and Dallben! They had kisspopped a few times already, but I was still very excited when Angharad became pregnant. She was exhausted, and fell asleep standing up. A more distressing development was the fact that she had stopped eating altogether. Dallben tried to help by carrying food around and eating like a champion, but Angharad could only stare at food and state how she wanted it. By the time she laid her egg, her life force had dipped down to 30%. Her brain mutations were not passed along, thankfully.

Dwyvach had already begun to grow up, and she was also a very adventurous Norn. Lifts were one of her favorite things, but she was intelligent enough not to eat the deathcap mushroom. Still, she seemed like a prime candidate to experiment one day. She would be the next female to reach adulthood, and I hoped that the males would be distracted with her long enough to give Angharad time to recover. Dwyvach had already made friends with Doli, who was never too far from her. The fourth generation was already on its way!

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