Meet the Creatures Genetics Team

Many of us know what a genome looks like when viewed in the Genetics Kit: A lot of text that seems to never end, and which often requires a lot of research to fully understand. This screenshot is just a sample of about twenty genes of a Creatures 2 Norn. This genome has a total of 786 individual genes! With limited resources available to understand what is actually behind Creatures genetics, it’s no wonder that many players choose to avoid this side of the game. It’s certainly not required in order to enjoy the series! However, there is an enormous plethora of information and knowledge packed into each genome. Maybe none of us will become expert geneticists in the real world, yet the possibility does exist in the world of Creatures!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who has answered the questions about preferences for learning about Creatures genetics! In less than a day, 15 responses have been sent in! There is obviously no one way to satisfy everyone, but I have a much better picture of what would be the most helpful. Feel free to participate if you have yet to do so: Every answer helps! One idea that seems to be universal is that studying genetics should be somewhat interactive, entertaining, and fun. Therefore, meet the genetics team!

These characters will be introduced as I begin to write more about genetics. It might seem like a silly concept, but they each have a role to play. One will be the general guide throughout the learning process, another will be an expert on the brain, and so on. One is even the master of disasters and experiments! Expect to see him pop in every now and then to illustrate how to create mayhem with genetics… And also how to correct it!

As if I was already teetering on the border of extreme cheesiness and corniness, I do believe their names will incite a few laughs! That, or a whole lot of eye rolls. I’ve always believed that finding some fun and humor in the learning process makes it much more bearable. I don’t plan on writing up lessons and tutorials as if they came from a boring textbook! Even though they all use sprites from Creatures 2, rest assured that their genetics journey will encompass all of the games. Expect to start off with some Creatures 1 genetics, since these form the foundation for the other games, which built off of these simpler concepts.

The names of these team members will be revealed in the upcoming weeks… We need a little suspense! Keep an eye out for the beginning of an in-depth genetics course, designed for amateur and advanced geneticists!

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