Preferences for Learning About Creatures Genetics

I have been contemplating a series of genetics tutorials and lessons for quite some time, and have only held off because it seems like a genetics case study pops up often enough! Yet I would love to delve into Norn genetics on a more specific basis, and provide more details about each gene. For me, Creatures 1 genetics seemed all too complicated, and I never wanted to look at the genetics in Creatures 2, Creatures 3, or Docking Station. With a leap of faith and some excellent resources, though, I discovered that the majority of the genes were not as crazy and complicated as I had originally assumed. Granted, there are still certain aspects that confuse me, but I consider it all part of the learning process! Creatures genetics always offer many new challenges.

There are many different formats that I have thought of utilizing, such as step-by-step tutorials for the D-DNA Analyzer and Genetics Kit, or YouTube videos to illustrate important points. Charts, graphs, and other visual aids are also in the mix. As I’ve learned, though, it certainly helps to publish the elements that will be most helpful to others. For that reason, I hope everyone will take the time to respond to the following short questions. Feel free to post any other comments directly in response to this entry! Thanks so much!

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