Unfreezing Time in Creatures 1

After a few too many moments of being frozen in time, the Creatures 1 clock sprung to life with a resounding ticktock. I was thrilled to be greeted by Angharad! I remembered her as a special needs Norn who struggled to eat, and was often in need of extra care. She could not have been more different, though: That gigantic smile was due to her low needs and recent meal of honey. Genetics will always set the stage for a Norn, yet with the actual ability to learn, I’ve witnessed many overcome serious mutations that made me question the reasoning for choosing to hatch them. As if I needed another reason to adore this game anymore: What a nice welcome from the ever amazing Angharad!

There was more excitement on the other side of Albia: Eilonwy and Coll were in the midst of playing with the ball, when Coll spotted the floating hand coming his way. Although Norns and Grendels from Creatures 1 are unable to vocalize any feelings of friendship or love, I was content with this two word phrase that said it all! This little couple had an egg in waiting, and I kept a watchful eye over it to prevent its premature hatching. Fflewddur was also nearby, though he seemed a little camera shy.

Doli was the last character to be documented nearly two months ago, and he was still being his silly self! I was proud of him for resting without needing any encouragement, although eating was another story. There was a look of pure confusion in his eyes as he thought about what to do with a lemon. Doli was much more content playing with an interesting flying toy, but he eventually got the message. Perhaps he would have had more luck with a flying lemon! Despite his confusion, he was still a fairly independent Norn, and one not to be ignored!

If this visit to Albia needed anything else, Dwyvach was right there to make me smile and laugh! She decided that it was a good idea to reach out for the honeypot, even though it was clearly just out of her reach. If it was possible, I imagined that she would have toppled over onto her face with just the slightest whisper of wind! Her mutation, which converts boredom into fear, was even more apparent, now that she was isolated. A little encouragement reduced Dwyvach’s fears, and I hoped she knew what a comical creature she was.

One aspect of Albia which could not be forgotten were the Grendels! Ellidyr and Achren had drifted apart, although I imagined their paths would cross again soon. Although I have the Updated C1 Grendel body data and sprites installed, preexisting Grendels retained the originals. Ellidyr was undeterred by this, though, as he flashed me one of his best toothy Grendel grins! Looking closely, it’s very clear how his arms are switched around at the shoulder area. At least he would be the last Grendel to experience these purely cosmetic issues. Quite a silly appearance, but it was something that could be corrected!

As I searched for a final parting shot of my beloved Norns, I stumbled across one of the most interesting pictures. Angharad looked extremely funny as she headed blindly into the path of a bee. Watch out! On a deeper level, I thought this was a far more poignant image of what a strong Norn she had become. I tend to over dramatize, and freely admit it, yet I have a very soft spot for this tough Norn. She survived an illness early in life that could have snuffed her out, but she prevailed. Angharad had a serious mutation that affected how she learned and, in turn, acted: She still prevailed!

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