A Norn and the Cable Car: A Lesson in Albian Travel

I took a short break from testing the updated Creatures 1 female Grendel after an annoying little pixel frustrated me to no end. Surprisingly, my usual world was actually in excellent shape! Everyone had a life force over 70%, which gave me some time to spend with each Norn. While in the garden, I suddenly realized that someone was in the cable car! All on his own, Kaw had boarded the aerial vehicle to enjoy a stunning view of Albia. Unfortunately for him, he realized that he wanted to get off when he was about halfway across. When he was nearly back to the safety of the platform, though, he decided that he would risk another trip. This started a vicious cycle, during which Kaw looked like a completely lost Norn! I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly his behavior was.

Just as I was about to wrestle control of the cable car from Kaw, he promptly fell asleep. I imagined that he had passed out from all the exertion, and from a slight fear of heights. Poor Kaw! In the future, I doubt if he will even go near the cable car again! At least he attempted the adventure, though. I rarely have witnessed a Norn who successfully traveled from one cable car platform to the other. Kaw made the furthest journey of any, although I was happy to see him on solid ground again! The cable car wires looked rather worn out from all of the constant motion. I reluctantly left Kaw and the others to return to battling that single pixel. Though the sprite updates have still left some imperfections, a pixel out in the middle of nowhere could never be acceptable! No worries: This project is just about completed!

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