A Startling Albian Discovery to Wrinkle the Skin

I fondly remembered the moment when Kaw and Henwen struck up their whirlwind romance, which turned into a rather long and lasting relationship. Unheard of in Norn terms! Yet the two lovers had been separated for a long time, and Kaw seemed to think that his beloved was lost for good. She was on the level just above him when he decided to court Melyngar… And create his first egg without Henwen in a long time. The discovery frightened Henwen enough to send her into old age! All was well, though, since spite and revenge are virtually unknown in Albia.

Orwen took it upon herself to adopt the newest baby Norn, Rhun, who rather enjoyed the attention. He was often lost in a sea of depressed thoughts, which I blamed on myself… I never took the time to give him a lesson on taking a nap, and he wasn’t about to fall asleep with the exciting Orwen to show him the world! At least they were able to start growing up together. I had a feeling that they would one day welcome an egg, though that time was very far off! Still, there was only one more Norn to complete this generation, and then the next would not be far off.

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