An Unexpected Reunion Across the Albian Sea

I thought I had only taken a week or two off to focus on work, but my wonderful Norns and Grendels had to endure over a month of absolute nothingness! Fortunately, there were no hard feelings around Albia. Taran, the youngest of the bunch, was quickly growing up into quite the heartthrob: He played a game of tag with Orwen, while carefully timing a friendly kiss every now and then. Sometimes the best couples formed from an adorable friendship like this, and Taran looked like he was over the moon with delight! Most of the others were gathered on the island, and had somehow forgotten what food was all about. I stuck with Taran just to watch him feed himself. Good thing there were no concerns about weight gain: Carrots and lemons were healthy enough, anyway!

By sheer luck, I picked Henwen out of the Albian islanders. She was apparently the ringleader, yet it only took her a moment to remember the wonders of honey and carrots. I coaxed her off the island, convinced that this vacation away from food had gone on long enough! Kaw was there to meet her, and though their reunion was a bit awkward, their love for each other was more than apparent. Both had fallen off of the healthy wagon, and I assumed that Kaw was destined to be infertile. Nature found its way, though! Another little one was on his or her way to Creatures 1! This reunion was one I had been hoping for, but a little food intervention made it truly possible.

My disappearance was partially planned, as I expected to take a week or two off after the Creatures Community Spirit Festival. Life and work got in the way, as usual! I have several loose ends to finish up from the festival, and I apologize to those who have been patiently waiting on me. With the holidays just around the corner, I imagine that entries will still remain scarce… Yet the new year should bring back the usual updates at Discover Albia! Thanks to everyone for stopping by to read along!

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