Ellidyr: The Grendel Who Stole My Infection

Ellidyr’s egg-watching days were behind him, yet he quickly took watch over Llyan’s new egg and proclaimed how wonderful he was. At over twenty hours old, he had lived a most fruitful and fulfilling life in Albia! He was a rather slow Grendel in his old age, yet he was still as sharp as ever. Unlike myself: I spent the day feeling ill and infected with some mystery illness!

I had planned to create a graph from the Science Kit to joke about how I was feeling… Yet the graph pictured here was no laughing matter. Ellidyr fell ill with one of the most awful illnesses I had seen in a long time. Only four chemicals could be graphed at once, but he also had Histamine B in his system. He was still the center of attention among three Norns, and I immediately thought of the contagious plague that had killed my Norns in this very spot. I also joked about how I had caught my illness through e-mail, and how I hoped it wouldn’t spread in the Creatures Community Chat! Poor Ellidyr got the brunt of it, and I shared in his poor misery. Yet he was elderly, and there were no antibiotics to prescribe in Creatures. I watched on worriedly, hoping against all that he would manage to pull through.

I managed to separate Ellidyr from the other females, but this placed him smack dab in the midst of Melyngar. Her life force was already at about 45%: An illness would surely kill her. As she fell asleep next to the Grendel, I feared the worst. The main problem with Creatures illnesses that involved sleep toxin is just that: The afflicted Norn or Grendel ends up falling into sleep constantly, which makes it nearly impossible to provide the necessary nutrition. Producing antibodies requires a lot of work, and Ellidyr’s body was not as young as it once was. I cringed as I watched his life force fall… 60%… 50%…

Orgoch decided that she could no longer stand the suffering. I, too, closed my eyes… Though I was happy to report that I didn’t share Orgoch’s bright blue eyeshadow! Ellidyr had come in direct contact with four of my beloved Norns, and this illness had the makings of a disaster. Even when he awoke, Ellidyr was too confused to eat anything, and I could hardly think of such a long life coming to an end from an infection. 40%… 30%… Would he be able to make it? And what of the others? Stay tuned for the next update!

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