Living Every Minute of Life in Creatures 1

One Norn who has been decidedly absent from the recent tales from Albia is Gwydion. At nearly eleven hours old, he might have seemed like the wisest of the group, but his health had rapidly deteriorated after more than an hour without any food. Luckily, he had a bit of an epiphany and decided to give a carrot one more try… And that resulted in another carrot, and yet another! Gwydion finally looked happy once again inside that silly body of his. He certainly was not leaving the desert island anytime soon.

Near the beehives, and the necessary swarm of angry bees, Orwen continued to wait for Taran to return. She was surrounded with plenty of honey to keep her on a constant sugar rush, but I had doubts as to whether Taran would ever make the return trip to his original spot. I carried a few toys over to the vicinity in order to keep Orwen somewhat occupied. Those bees were much angrier with her than they had been with Taran! I tried to convey the message that they weren’t the best of playtime pals, but she would have none of it. Orwen was convinced that those bees could play ball with her… Even if a couple got squished in the process!

I witnessed another shivering fit from Taran, which was all too common. He had the decency to drop his carrot to avoid turning into a mushed mess, but I still felt rather sorry for him. His pain and discomfort were hardly any more than those of other Norns and Grendels, yet I still felt a chill each time he started to shiver uncontrollably. His two unborn children both inherited this mutation, so I knew there would be no end to it. Even all the blankets in the world and roaring fire wouldn’t solve this shivering dilemma: It was all genetic, and most distressing to watch.

Taran was still an active chap, and immediately took a liking to the recently widowed Ellidyr. I was horrified at their destination: The deathcap mushroom! In his senility, Ellidyr decided to have a taste. No harm done… Though he soon made a return trip down the lift to eat it again. What was he up to? Perhaps he had the notion that he was invincible, or something to that effect. He kept a honeypot nearby: Ironically enough, it was the one he left beside Achren’s body. In reality, Ellidyr had a very limited time left in Albia. Apparently he decided that he wanted to take as many risks as possible. To live life right up to the end: A deep idea for a Grendel!

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