A Rabbit Encounter with the Creatures 4 Norn Figurines

As my Creatures 4 Norn figurines began to explore villages that were a little more suited to their size, they stumbled across a wonderful little home inhabited by Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families. A curious family of rabbits decided to investigate the noise of new visitors outside, and they happily greeted these newcomers from Belgium! The Norns themselves were rather quiet, for I still had yet to give them proper names. While the twin rabbit babies were taken on an outing with their mother, the rest of the family invited the Norns to stop inside for a spell. The winter weather and long journey were more than enough to convince the trio! They climbed the cozy steps as the sun fought to bring a little warmth into the cold winter day.

Fortunately, there was a roaring fire to truly warm up the Norns’ hands and feet! The twins showed off their bravery and got as close to the flickering light as they could stand… It seemed like a subtle tribute to the Creatures 1 oven! Luckily, they had the sense not to touch the glowing logs. Three of the rabbits sat by and conversed about their village. Although this was a rather quiet and empty region, they were not the only inhabitants. The Norns perked up their ears, for their curiosity was endless! Unlike some of their ancestors, they were eager to explore every nook and cranny. The fire popped with a cheery vigor as the rabbits laughed with their new Norn friends: Such a cozy little place!

While the twins stayed mesmerized with the dancing firelight and the rabbits moved onto topics of a truly rabbit nature, one of the Norns became rather restless. She could hear some noises coming from behind her, while her nose perked up at the smells wafting in from the kitchen. Every Norn can be easily distracted by food, and these figurines were no exception! Just then, she found herself brought back into the conversation with a question about carrots. The topic set her tummy into a dangerous rumble… She simply had to find out what was creating those delicious smells! Quietly, she tip-toed towards the kitchen, sneaking away before anyone noticed her disappearance.

The mother rabbit had a kind laugh for the Norn when she appeared with a hungry gleam in her green eyes! There on the stove, a sumptuous blend of vegetables was cooking away. Carrots, potatoes, herbs, and a plump squash were practically overflowing: This was a feast fit for the best of Norns! With the surprise meal clearly out in the open, the Norn offered to help the kind rabbit with the final preparations. Of course, she didn’t disclose how she hoped to get an early taste! From the living room, she heard the twins battling over who could get closest to the fire. She shook her head: After all, she was supposed to be the mischievous one of the group!

The meal was laid out for the Norns. They put up a bit of a protest at eating alone, but the rabbits insisted that their guests should enjoy the best of their food stores. One of the twins decided to brave the squash: It looked rather interesting, although he was apprehensive about using the strange contraption laid out next to him. Everyone knew how Norns typically stuffed their mouths! One look from his companion, though, and he decided to give it a try. These rabbits had never encountered a Norn before… Although the Norns wondered what in the world rabbits were doing cooking and building fires. It was beside the point: The carrots and potatoes brought back memories of the tales of Albia, while the squash nearly broke the fork!

With their bodies warm and filled with food, the Norn trio headed off to see what else they could discover. The rabbits bid them a very fond farewell, and invited the Norns back whenever they were nearby. The twins had a slightly redder tinge, thanks to their antics with the fire! I was left with the task of giving names to the Norn figurines, for it appeared that they might have some more adventures in the future. Would there be anything more to discover in this village? Or would the Norns head off to discover more? And who in the world were these tiny rabbits? Feel free to comment if you would like to see more of these Norn figurines: They may not be the focal point, but they could certainly be featured every now and then with more Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families!

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