An Eggciting Week for Creatures 4 News

This has been quite a week for Creatures 4 news! Fishing Cactus released a followup post with a Q&A Session Roundup, and a rather adorable new cover photo popped up on Facebook! There are still a good many mysteries about this upcoming game, yet special thanks go to Andrea, Sam, Scal, and Sophie for keeping us fans in the loop. Hopefully we will see some more news very soon… Though it’s clear that everyone is busy working on getting C4 ready. No official launch date has been set, but bits of information like these help to make the time go by! It’s much better than just sitting around and waiting!

The chat session, hosted in the CC Chat, was a huge success! It was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity, and everyone who attended deserves a lot of credit. Special thanks to Laura for putting together the community chat to begin with, and to Don, Rascii, and ChosenPredator for all of their hard work and dedication! Don even put together a full transcript, while there is also an abridged version available from Rascii. Maybe we’ll be able to welcome Fishing Cactus back into our chat room at a later date for more fun and an endless parade of questions!

On a minor side note, I have been absolutely swamped with work lately. I also need to figure out why my installation of Creatures Exodus is broken… Docking Station runs perfectly fine, but Creatures 3 or C3/DS will not even load. Go figure, especially after I went through the whole reinstall process! Discover Albia may be a little on the quiet side through this upcoming week. Never fear! My Norns and Grendels will soon be popping back for daily updates!

First Image Credited to Fishing Cactus
Second Image Credited to Don

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