A Very Happy Birthday to Laura

As many know, today is the birthday of one amazing community member: Laura! I wanted to make a special little gift to celebrate such an occasion. I would make something for everyone, but alas, I usually have very little time! If I have missed any birthdays, I wish a happy one to all! But today is Laura’s day, and I wish her all the happiness in the world! I realized, too late, that my fancy exclamation point ended up having a decidedly questionable appearance. Just adds to the character, I suppose. If I ever learn more about spriting, I might turn my signature flowers into some sort of COB or agent. Or maybe they would work even better as critters! Yet creeping flowers sound just… Creepy!

To celebrate Laura’s birthday, my Calico Critters villagers decided to gather in the town square for a little party! The two new cottages were part of a recent shopping spree… Suffice to say that nearly everyone pictured now has a place to call home and a bed to cozy up in on those cold end-of-winter nights. Look closely, though: There may be a trio of familiar Creatures faces! My trio of Norn figurines found a way to hide themselves in the shot. Can you find all three? Remember that one is known for being extra sneaky! With toys and games for all, it was a happy celebration of a birthday. I hope you enjoyed everything about your birthday, Laura! Here’s to many more years filled with happiness and joy!

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