Wolfling Run Tips

With the multiple wolfling runs in C3/DS that have been hosted recently, I was inspired to try out one of my own! Although it’s been running in the background for a decent amount of time, I’ll be returning to my usual world soon enough. However, I wanted to share a few tips that have really helped me out. Wolfling runs can get a little overwhelming… As in eggs everywhere and a general feeling of chaos! I’m sure there are many other tips out there, so feel free to comment with any of your personal suggestions! It’s rather fun to see what happens with wolfling runs!

(Don’t) Bring Out Your Dead

In the normal game, the bodies of deceased Creatures must be viewed by the camera before they can disappear. In worlds where the player is very involved, this makes sense. Yet returning to a wolfling run to see a massive amount of dead bodies can be rather frustrating! And a little morbid… AvatarOfShibby asked about this problem at Creatures Caves. Sgeo and Papriko helped out in explaining just what to do:

Go into the Docking Station bootstrap folder and find the file called “DS creaturesInvoluntary.cos.” Open it in Notepad or a similar program, and look for the part that reads:

* only wait if it is a selectable creature
doif game “Grettin” = 1 or gnus = 1
* wait until we’re on the screen
setv ov81 0

targ ownr
wait 1
untl visi 0 = 1 or ov81 = 1
wait 1200

* make the creature death overlay animation agent
* get the plane of the creature
setv va99 plne
* increase it by a bit
addv va99 2000

Change the bold section highlighted above to the following. Note that there is only a one character difference, changing 0 to 1:

* wait until we’re on the screen
setv ov81 1

Remember to Spay, Neuter, or Export Your Pets

An excellent agent that I haven’t spoken about in some time is Amaikokonut’s Population Control Options. It features several options for exportation and infertility. This can be used to export Creatures after they have had a number of children, or simply make them infertile once they reach a certain egg threshold. It’s very nifty for increasing diversity and making sure that newer generations can quickly populate the world! I may even consider using this in my main world concept, to avoid having to export so many Norns. Letting them live out their lives with their descendants might not be a bad idea, especially when the alternative is a stop in the exported folder!

Make sure to post any suggestions or ideas for wolfling runs, too! Hopefully these tips will help to ensure successful wolfling runs. Get cracking on hatching those first eggs!

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