Following Along with the Updated Norn Breeds

With more time devoted to working on pages of body data coordinates, I finished up the Purple Mountain Norns! The two standard poses I’ve been showing off only show minor updates to this breed. The floating pixel issue has been eliminated, though! And no more bright pink side of the face! Now this little guy looks much more handsome and ready to make someone completely fall in love with him.

I was so excited about my progress, that I jumped right into the baby male Forest Norns! Their ears and overall body part shapes enjoyed vast improvements. These little guys should also benefit from more natural coloring. Their floating pixel problems have also been banished! I had a grand time touching up some of the colors: Even the eyes got a facelift!

In projects like these, one often gets into a rhythm. I assumed the Ron Norns would follow this general flow, especially since I had dealt with more unusual body shapes with the Forest Norns. No sooner did I start, and the hours started to tick away. Although I did my best, the original sprites for the Ron Norns were extremely difficult to work with. Their lower legs had to be reconstructed and recolored, yet they were not completely perfect. For that matter, getting the body data files perfect was something I didn’t want to achieve: With such a small area to work with, these tiny sprites were bound to have small issues. Chances are that I’ll be the only one to really notice them, though!

At last, I triumphed over the Ron Norns! They still possess a very unique appearance, but I’m very happy with the way they mesh a little better with the original breeds. I avoided this breed completely in the past due to their problems, but that little face is growing on me quite quickly! No more scrunched up shoulders, either. Much better posture!

And thus the madness of running a final test commenced! I ended up with ten Norns running around in Creatures 1 as I carefully watched their movements. As expected, mixed breeds will have their body parts in slightly different positions. However, my test Norns all looked like they had the proper proportions. I did catch a couple of transparent pixel issues with the Forest Norns and Ron Norns, which will mean a few necessary fixes to the sprites. Check back tomorrow: There should finally be a big C1 download!

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