The First Release of the Creatures 1 Norn Updates

Without further ado, all of the body data and sprite fixes for the Creatures 1 baby males are now available for download! This update includes fixes for seven Norn breeds ranging from the original breeds included with the game to the Life Kit add-on breeds. Months in the making, this project has been both challenging and enjoyable. There is no better way to learn how to create a new breed than to take apart seven already created breeds! Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback thus far, both on the earlier beta version of the Banana Norn and on the preview screenshots for each breed. Many of the updates likely will go unnoticed, since only a few major changes were truly necessary. Perhaps I made this project much larger than it needed to be, but sometimes that’s the best way to learn more! It’s like jumping into the genetics side of the series: It might seem daunting at first and require several tries, yet the end result is worth the time and effort.

I have done extensive testing in NornPose to ensure that limbs connect correctly. Admittedly, my in-game testing time was rather short, which is why I am always open to comments and feedback. Some of the breeds were altered more than others, and I’m sure my personal preferences played a bit of a role! Opinions are welcome, since my interpretation of what a breed should look like might not fit in with the majority. Please report any of the following:

  • Discolored Sprites: Green, pink, purple, or other bright colors mixed in around the edges.
  • Misaligned Body Parts: Joints or body parts that are horribly out of alignment.
  • Floating Pixels: Any pixels that seem to “float” a little ahead of or behind the Norn.
  • Gait Issues: Problems navigating through certain parts of Albia.
  • Incorrect Body Parts: Upside down arms, sprites from other breeds, and related issues.
No Longer Available

Due to multiple public posts from Norngirl, I have removed this download and ask that it not be redistributed. I was never contacted privately to discuss the subject, but I hope that taking it down will put an end to this issue. If I made a mistake regarding the use of certain sprites, I am truly sorry. I never intended to use another’s work for personal gain, and sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding regarding permission to use these sprites. Thank you.

As with a jigsaw puzzle, this project will be released in pieces until the final download is available. The next step is to work on the baby females. Luckily, this process should take far less time since all of the files for the baby males can be utilized in some way. The little ladies will just have to admire their male counterparts before putting on their new appearances! Make sure to download this update soon and provide any thoughts! If there are any problems, I would rather know about them early on before they can be transferred over to the baby females. My hope with this download is that Creatures 1 Norns will become a bit more loveable and easier on the eyes without taking away from their original appearances. One common question is whether these updates will be available in the other games. The answer is a very resounding “Yes!” but my first priority will be to finish up all life stages in Creatures 1. For now, enjoy this release!

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