Early Preview of the Colortrue Gaius

I managed to spend a little time working on some rather fun color varieties for the Colortrue Gaius! These should be available during the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2013, which will be starting in just about a month. Creating color varieties for breeds takes on a theme: I could have gone with some pretty pastel colors for the Gaius, but I decided to keep with the metallic theme. The green guy pictured here was supposed to represent oxidized copper… It’s a little deep, but so pretty!

This set of Gaius colors might not look too bright, but I’m not entirely sure what one would do with a bright pink Gaius. All the same, I do enjoy making these Colortrue varieties! Ylukyun is credited with the original idea, while Ghosthande created the original Gaius. I had a bit of trouble with heavy metal poisoning, which requires some genetic changes. I would like to test out breeding with these color varieties before officially beginning my new C3/DS world. There should still be a good amount of color variation, but those familiar with the Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns likely will not see such a wide range. There are other color varieties not pictured here, though, so keep an eye out for more announcements about them!

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