Metallic Plants: The Inspiration for a New World

With my last Creatures Docking Station world concept completed, I’ve been on the lookout for some inspiration for another world. I’m one who loves the natural side of Creatures, with all of its amazing plants and Garden Box agents. Amazingly, though, it was the complete opposite that suddenly got me excited about C3/DS again! With a little experimentation to see how the world would work, I knew I had something that would be interesting. I often shy away from introducing too many new elements into my game, mostly due to my incompetence with proper installation. Then I came across the Gaius breed pack by Ghosthande!

My recent encounter with the game Machinarium made this concept even more appealing! Perhaps it isn’t as expected as my other worlds, yet this is something different that really interests me. There are still additional plans to make and possibly a few tweaks to the starting genomes, but I plan on enjoying a very different sort of C3/DS world! My only issue presented itself in this screenshot… Apparently the water drops decided to get stuck in one place and not disappear? Is this even a common issue, or one that doesn’t happen very often? Aside from this little glitch, everything else in my test ran quite smoothly! The number of plants and critters that fit in with a technological theme are limited, though I have to say that I was pleased with the end result. Perhaps someone might even think to create some metallic patch plants for the Garden Box. Hopefully this world, populated by the Gaius breed, will be an interesting one!

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