Another Day of Usual Oddities in Creatures 1

Routine is something that can rarely be depended on when it comes to Norns and Grendels, but Adaon had turned into a rather predictable creature of habit. Where else would he be but the music room? He decided to share his passion with Astrapia, who was only too pleased to join in with a song of her own. They certainly made an odd pair, yet they were absolutely content with one another. I was tempted to stage a reunion with the lonely Arianllyn. Adaon’s happiness took precedence, though. If he was in no hurry to leave his music room, I wasn’t about to give him any reason to leave!

My poor Junco seemed to be in a complete state of disrepair. He had enjoyed but one meal during his entire life, although he had the privilege of ignorant bliss. His mind only recognized the need to play and sleep. Once his eyes popped up after his short nap, Junco had endless smiles for Albia to enjoy. Here, where the aquatic life danced just out of reach in the dark ocean, his thoughts were at rest. It will still a dizzying sight to watch his attention shift from one object to another! If it had been crippling for him, though, Junco would never have braved the journey from the incubator to the island. Though his life would only last a handful of hours, I knew I would never forget him.

Elsewhere in my Creatures 1 world, Cotinga had also deemed the desert island a logical place for a solo vacation. It was also the spot she decided to nest in. And by nesting, I mean that she brought along a honeypot. Better than nothing! Cotinga had enough time to enjoy some quiet time to herself before the big event. I always enjoy the challenge of pregnancy in Creatures 1. Although a female seems to be waiting forever to lay her egg, it adds an element of protection. I kept a watchful eye on the mother-to-be, ensuring that no unnecessary danger floated her way. There is nothing more disheartening than to lose a pregnant Norn and her unlaid egg. Cotinga was quite safe and sound, though!

Cotinga’s solo mission meant that she left her little friend, Niltava, behind. In the trusty hands of “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” and ” I Really Don’t Know What I’m Doing.” Honestly, Blackcap and Drongo were absolutely clueless when it came to baby Norns! They decided to teach her how to run like the wind… When she could only crawl. Thank goodness Niltava ignored most of their useless advice and lessons!

The lift button had enticed Cotinga too much, for she wanted nothing to do with her egg. What a painful experience! She needed a friend to brighten her mood, yet the lift only brought a sleeping Grendel. It was a good thing that Arianllyn was asleep! Cotinga looked absolutely disappointed. I might take this opportunity to share my silly story about how I see C1 Grendels. I actually don’t see them correctly: I see a one-eyed Grendel mostly facing the camera. As in, one tooth shows the corner of one side of the mouth and the other shows the other corner. If I concentrate hard enough I can see that Arianllyn has only one side of her face showing. So ends my very strange tangent…

Speaking of strange, Euphonia was in the Albian temple, contemplating a piece of cheese. It was a rather sneaky subject… It had somehow hopped along for a ride on the underground cart with her, even though she constantly picked it up and put it down in different spots. I had already asked her if she wanted to eat the cheese, but she was having none of that talk! This cheese meant something, and Euphonia was determined to find out just what it was. I was convinced there was no mystery to the cheese, except perhaps for its peculiar odor. But that’s the wonderful trademark of cheese! I could only hope that Euphonia figured out this particularly boring fact for herself fairly soon!

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