Colors of the Great Geat World

Today was an amazing day for my technological world! Creatures players familiar with Random’s Room and the first updates from this world know how difficult it is to tell which level a Creature is on. The background is the same in all locations, so it’s easy to not be able to form a point of reference. Ylukyun came up with the perfect solution: The Simple Backdrop Agent for C3/DS! I modified the .c16 file in order to approximately fill in each level. This overview shows how each level is now much more distinguishable. I left out the very top level because it is pretty empty, and using five of these large regions slowed down my game a bit. Can you spot all eight of the Geats in this image? It’s a little tricky, but not impossible!

In the last C3/DS post, Rhodite had cemented herself as the resident attention seeker. She certainly wasn’t about to let that title slip from her grasp! She seemed to enjoy hearing the other Colortrue Gaius giving her advice, even though she plainly was not going to use it. I found it rather comical that no one dared to venture too close to her… Perhaps they thought Rhodite would latch on and trap them in some sort of complaint prison! As annoying as she was, she was creating a lasting memory. It was ironic that she chose the darkest level to be her home base. For such a bright and colorful character, she could be dreadfully depressing! I watched her pace a few steps, still wailing on about how tired she was. There were a few Geats who could have come to her rescue and put some sense into her, but I was the only one who really paid her any attention.

Along came poor, unsuspecting Zamak. He finally decided to abandon the lowest level and go in search of greener pastures. Or, in this case, different colored corridors! He tried a different approach to helping Rhodite: He walked right up to that loud Geat and bellowed out a suggestion in her ear! I thought Zamak was about to fall in love with this very demanding female, yet he waltzed on without a care in the world. It was almost as if he figured he had given his two cents: If she listened, wonderful! If not, he couldn’t care less. You go, Zamak, with your great common sense!

Babbitt managed to escape from Rhodite’s needful grip. She chose the relatively bright yellow corridor to keep her cheery mood in good spirits. Her positive attitude, not to mention her quiet nature, didn’t go unnoticed. Galfenol finished up his mission on the very top level. He stayed there for just a minute, hitting anything that wasn’t doing anything to entertain him. Suffice to say that he was quite thrilled to find someone to spend quality time with! Babbitt kept looking around in confusion. This whole idea of having another Gaius pay attention to her was unheard of. She was still very young, but Rhodite was the one that everyone talked to. She had made an error in assuming that the most talked about Geat was also the most unpopular. Silence was a virtue in this group!

All of the incessant chatter must have sounded terrible inside those metallic Geat heads. Elinvar decided to hide himself among some technology-inspired plants. I only hoped they were making some charming melodies to drown out the constant conversation! The uneducated Gaius were far more likable in my book… Although they didn’t understand any advice nor suggestions, they were still particularly adept at taking care of themselves. In a world where I was trying exceptionally hard to take a fully hands-off approach, it was good to see everyone able to survive. Of course, the world I created was one that was difficult to die in… Food was aplenty, and I wasn’t particularly interested in resourceful Geats. Everyone has their own preferences.

Then, my day was made by a Geat named Tombac. He was pretty quiet, and just liked keeping things in order. It was far too much to put up with Rhodite, though. He walked from one side of the corridor to find her near the center, still complaining about how tired she was. She actually dozed off just before Tombac reached her, but not for long. What did he do? He took a slightly violent approach and slapped her! Remember that Geats are impervious to physical damage, so it wasn’t like he was trying to injure her or anything. My goodness, though, someone needed to institute desperate measures to restore the peace! Tombac’s bold move worked long enough for me to pause the world and leave them for the time being without hearing a peep out of Rhodite.

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