More Geat Personalities and Discoveries

As the Gaius began to grow up, they finally abandoned the Mecha-Grendel. Well, most. That little robotic machine continued to waltz around, but it had fewer and fewer followers. Thank goodness! The Blue Intelligence Core became the new focal point. Elinvar and Tombac decided that only one of them could control the device, and there was a good deal of violent behavior. Good thing Gaius are immune to physical damage! Starvation was actually one of my main concerns, even though Gaius have a unique digestive system. Fortunately, they were all thriving in no time! Having them all crunched together on one level made me question if they would ever explore the rest of Random’s Room.

Just like that, Elinvar decided to act like a telepathic Geat and use the Elevine! He didn’t just go up one level, though: He decided that the third level was the ideal spot for him. It meant parting ways with the Blue Intelligence Core, but that seemed like a small price to pay. Elinvar certainly looked out of his element, though! So many new sights to take in. I had the sense to make each level a little different from the others. Some sported a lot of metallic plants, while others only had small outcroppings. Toys were also interspersed among the chaotic ecology, adding an element of fun to an otherwise lonely world. These corridors certainly seemed rather empty and eerie, as if they had been abandoned in a hurry. At least Elinvar was prepared to do some exploring!

Although Elinvar was the first pioneer, his fellow Gaius were close to follow in his footsteps. As they entered childhood, the need to explore blossomed in a moment’s time. Alnica decided to test out the musical samplings from the Aperture Science Radio. He was pleased with the melody, but only for a moment. Eventually, he headed off into a distant corner of the second level. After being crowded together with seven other Geats, I didn’t blame him for seeking out some solitude! Alnica would not win any exploration awards, but his quiet demeanor was a welcome change from the other Gaius. With their new language skills, they had a constant conversation going on.

The two ladies decided to travel as a pair, and their personalities soon started to emerge. Babbitt was a very subdued Geat, much like Alnica. Although she enjoyed spending time with her traveling companion, she was quick to wander off to examine something by herself whenever the opportunity arose. Then there was Rhodite. She looked like the prettiest Colortrue Gaius, and it was painfully apparent that she knew this fact. If it was possible for a Creature to be vain, then that Creature was Rhodite! She had to be the center of attention, speaking up whenever another Geat paused for a breath. Perhaps this made her endearing to some, yet I noticed how the males shied away from her. I figured that she had best get her act together if she wanted to pass along her unique coloring!

Then, I had to endure one of the oddest moments. Rhodite parked herself in a tangle of Spigot Plants. If she thought she could blend in, she was obviously mistaken. Since this desperate plea for attention didn’t bring the others running over, she decided to express herself. And in doing so, she let forth an extremely tiresome string of complaints. “Rhodite very tired.” “Rhodite crowded.” “Rhodite bored.” Goodness! The funny part was that the other Geats could hear her cries for attention, yet they didn’t go out of their way to do much. Some offered up useful suggestions, but Rhodite looked like she was expecting someone to save her. Even Babbitt wanted nothing to do with her! Eventually, Rhodite finished her tantrum with a nap. She awoke, finally feeling happy!

But wait… Someone had been left behind during this massive exodus into uncharted lands. Galfenol is not pictured above, mainly because he was bouncing around from group to group. Nothing left behind about him! No, it was that unique Gaius I had come to adore shortly after the Geats had hatched. Zamak. For being the first one to venture out on his own to the other side of the level, he was punished with an empty corridor. I felt rather bad for him. Maybe it was his plan all along. He was free to put up a “Zamak’s Corner” sign! Besides, there was plenty of time before I needed to consider whether the next generation would be filled with a monotonous color palette. Judging by prior tests, though, that would be very difficult to achieve with these genetics! Even a few starting colors can lead to a rainbow of colors.

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