A Hint of a Secret Creatures Project

Some may have wondered where I disappeared to over the last few days, during which I broke my usual habit of posting an update each day. I had a little time to play Creatures Docking Station, but my time was mostly spent on a secret project! Testing has gone extremely well, and I have a feeling there will be a release by the end of the week! This isn’t something for everyone, and it’s hardly anything groundbreaking. Still, this secret project has gotten me back into spriting and I expect to finally return to my Creatures 1 spriting project this month. As anyone who has worked on a breed knows, sometimes it gets so tedious that there is no motivation to move forward. Fortunately, I’m getting excited about diving back into the realm of fixing Norn limbs! Likely the blog updates will be a little more spread out this month so I can work.

Anxious for a few hints? Read on, or stop reading if you’d like it to be a complete mystery! First, it is something that can be used in both Creatures 3 and Docking Station. Second, it replaces an existing element that has not received much attention even though it is plain as day every time the game is played. And third, it is something that you are looking at right now! Do you think you know what it is? Feel free to comment, though I won’t be giving anything away until the release!

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