Unexpected Colors in the Land of the Geats

After an unusually long wait for romance to blossom, I last left my Geats in a state of suspense as they awaited their first egg. The result was an extremely shy female named Tumbaga! She was a lovely color, created by a mixture of deep gray and copper. It almost looked like she had a purple hue, which was quite unexpected. Tumbaga was born right near her mother, yet she ended up bonding with Galfenol. They played hide-and-seek around the plentiful metallic plants, and I had to take some toys away… They grew obsessed! Having another female in the population was a positive outcome: Babbitt and Rhodite were not exactly fending off the males. Babbitt was in a rather strange stupor, possibly confused about the egg process. And Rhodite… She was complaining as usual and expecting the other Geats to help her out. Not today!

Poor Alnica! He stumbled across the two females, who had reunited for a short spell. It wasn’t long before Babbitt disappeared, clearly flustered by Rhodite’s insufferable behavior. My gold Gaius looked worn out from answering all of the pleas he heard. It was like Rhodite simply refused to take any action! If Geats had arms, I believe many would have tried to force her to eat. Or perhaps holding her mouth shut for a bit would accomplish more! On a side note, I was very pleased with the way the original Creatures font for C3/DS turned out! It might not have fit in with this technological theme, but the thinner font made me think that these Geats were not always shouting. And if anything could make Rhodite’s chatter seem less important, all the better!

By and by, nature decided to take its course with Alnica and Rhodite. Despite her literally standing in the same spot for ages, Alnica was smitten. I could only hope that their offspring didn’t inherit his or her mother’s penchant for complaints and dependence. The color combinations also seemed endless: I expected something rather yellow, although a light green or even slightly blue color seemed plausible. The answer was just ready to be revealed once Rhodite laid her egg, in that exact same spot. I discovered that removing some of the toys and other distractions brought my Colortrue Gaius back to a more normal level of activity. Perhaps their poor brains just couldn’t handle all of the exciting things their world had to offer!

The egg hatched into… A standard silver Gaius? Nisil was a female, which certainly ensured a better chance of keeping the population going. Yet I was baffled. A look at the genetic coloring of her parents showed how this color was plausible, though not particularly common. I admit that I was disappointed, since her parents were the two very unique and colorful Geats I originally hatched. It soon became clear that it didn’t matter what Nisil looked like. In fact, she could have looked hideous. Why? Because she was nothing like Rhodite! She preferred to explore, eat anything that looked tasty, and generally be a very pleasant sort of Creature. Just to be on the safe side, I confirmed that her genetics had all of the correct colortrue genes. What do you think of Nisil? Will this generation have more interesting colors, or would Tumbaga be the only colorful second generation Geat?

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