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An Odd Metal and Impending Geat Migration

Leave a bunch of metallic Geats alone for a long time, and they still know how to love! I caught Megallium proclaiming his unending… “Like” for Babbitt. Not precisely true love, but in the world of C3/DS, this was a start! The next generation was off to a slow start, particularly since both mature females had their issues. Rhodite was plain annoying in her ability to stand there and complain, without actually taking any action to solve her problems. Babbitt was much quieter, yet she was much more solitary than I originally thought. Her daughter looked to be the likely successor, and possibly the only baby Geat she had. Megallium sounded like he had other plans, but they were all for naught. For Babbitt was one of the few Geats who had not learned the language.

I soon discovered that this world concept was in need of an overhaul. I had planned a little too big, and put so many things in to distract the Geats! The females continually became fertile at regular intervals, yet the males were completely uninterested. Call me terrible, but I had to take some steps. First, I whisked Rhodite away to see if some alone time would calm her down. She was still her usual complaining self, yet it was a little more endearing when she slowed down the deluge of words! I reintroduced her to Elinvar and Alnica. For good measure, and I know this is completely awful, I injected Alnica with a tiny boost of sex drive. Voila! There was another Colortrue Gaius on the way.

It dawned on me that Alnica and Rhodite had been paired up before, but their daughter, Nisos, was a simple silver Colortrue Gaius. Although she had a lovely personality, I was startled by her odd coloring. While pondering this, Rhodite laid her egg in between complaints. Alnica decided to follow her and offer some support. Well, it wasn’t exactly “support” spewing out strange suggestions like “Maybe rest plant, Rhodite.” Not exactly the shiniest metal, Alnica. All the same, it was cute to see the couple standing side by side in anticipation of the birth of their new baby. There was a chance that this newborn would prove something had gone awry with my genetics, resulting in another rather plain silver color.

Terne was the lovely bright green of a spring day! Such a perfect color, and he was all inquisitive about the world around him. I was elated: Not only was he stunning, but he also proved that my Colortrue Geat genetics were not broken! More proof that it’s always unexpected what will be the result of these Geats. His sister, Nisos, was probably an extremely rare color, since she was right smack dab in the middle of all of the different pigment ranges. Quite a family! Terne would likely need to get used to a new world pretty soon, though. As much as I have adored using Random’s Room, I fear it will not work out as well as I had originally planned. So, where would be the ideal spot to relocate these Geats to? I’m open to all suggestions! I know about the dreaded Wasteland Glitch, although I plan to use metallic plants, as well as patch plants which can grow anywhere. Geats will be moving!

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