Junco’s Great Journey and a Strange Situation

Junco, the Norn I thought would only live a few hours, was well into his old man stage. The Albian island was a lovely place for him, but it had been abandoned by everyone ages ago. I found him looking rather sad and lonely. It seemed cruel to leave him there to live the rest of his life with no companions. His genetic mutations meant that he was basically unable to use the lift. So I determined that this would be the day of Junco’s great journey! His tiny, bald head led the way up the lift… Only to doze off when he decided that he wasn’t quite ready to go. Junco was a decent sleeper, though, and he just needed a minute or two to recharge. Then, we really were off and running! Well, walking and hovering slowly. There was no rushing Junco.

Life forms, at last! Junco stumbled across Pipit and Arianllyn near the temple. Pipit was showing off his immense skill at sleeping while standing up, while the onlookers watched him with more confusion than awe. Not too impressive, I suppose. Tough audience! Arianllyn had actually just recovered from a secret pregnancy. I thought her egg was from the last time I saw her, but she managed to sneak in another Grendel baby!

Maybe it was best that Adaon and Arianllyn stayed apart… It seemed like they were destined to reproduce very quickly! But then I noticed something different about my male Grendel. He was mottled with gray, which could only mean that old age had set up shop in his body. Some might say that the Creatures 1 Grendels are more like a background element, and not a very lovable sort of being. My Grendels were sort of like background elements, but only in the sense that they are an essential part of Albia. I hatched my pair over one year ago! I play very slowly and take breaks, yet I was attached to them early on. Live forever, Adaon!

Back to Junco! He was absolutely thrilled to find some Norns in the garden. Manakin took a nap and was not too excited, but Whydah was very inquisitive. Junco was a rather interesting looking Norn, and he had been hidden away on the island for a long time. Whydah looked more interested in his White Haired Pixie Norn tail… Perhaps she never saw one up close before with all its fluffy white fur! I also had to laugh at the fact that Junco paraded around with the trumpet.

I thought that Whydah might decide to start a family with Junco, but he was completely smitten when he met the lovely Towhee. She played things a little safely at first, but she simply could not turn away from Junco’s charm. So much for worrying about whether or not he would pass along his genes. This would be his fourth child! Granted, he had passed along his problematic mutations to some of his offspring. Judging by Junco’s life, though, there wasn’t much to be concerned over. He survived, and had already fared better than most of my other Norns. It looked like he found a new place to call home and settle into! Even Manakin was happy!

Sadly, another Norn passed away in a very lonely place. Blackcap, whom I saved from the recent tragedy, gave in to old age at 9:58. He was a rather unusual Norn, though I didn’t realize it until the end. He only had three children, yet they were all from Cotinga. Blackcap was a rather rare monogamous Norn, and I didn’t even know about it. Those children were all conceived very early on, and he spent most of his time living a quiet life. It was sad to see him go, yet I took some solace in the thought that he might meet up with Cotinga again. Farewell, my old Norn. Rest well forever.

Before I returned to Junco from my silent memorial service for Blackcap, I received word of a new pregnancy! Manakin and Niltava found some romance among the flowers near the lemon trellis. Such a happy time for them! Niltava seemed to have adjusted to her set of odd genes, although I was still perplexed over her behavior. The important thing was her happiness, though, and she was a very bubbly, smiley Norn at the moment. Maybe she wasn’t aware of Manakin’s sneaky ways… He was quickly amassing a small horde of children for the next generation!

I planned to end my journey with a happy little story about Junco. The good news was that he was safe and sound. The bad news was just about the worst out there. Enter Pipit and Whydah. Her stance should be unmistakable to Creatures 1 players. She was coughing. Already, Pipit had the same illness. It was far too soon since the last outbreak… Thanks a lot, antigens of Albia! The first stage of quarantine worked, but there were serious problems. Since illnesses are unpredictable and strike randomly, I will be documenting this case in an upcoming video. Perhaps it will be useful to others who want to save their Norns and Grendels from illnesses! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, think about why this illness will be devastating for one of these Norns. You can take a peek at Pipit’s genetics and Whydah’s genetics. I hadn’t even considered this possibility until it happened. It’s a very strange problem! Want a hint? This creates the perfect host for a contagious illness. I only hope I can figure out some sort of solution, aside from permanent seclusion. I hope this sounds like an interesting premise for a Creatures 1 video!

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