Passing Away and Passing Along Genes

It was only a matter of time before the first death happened in my C3/DS world, yet it was rather shocking… Geats stood up while sleeping, but I wasn’t prepared to see a dead one staring at me! Alas, Rhodite succumbed to all of her complaints, mainly because she neglected to eat. 2:47 was fairly young for her to pass away, although her two children were thriving. Although it would be nice to escape from her tormenting words, I knew that I would miss her annoying character once the world settled down again. Farewell, Rhodite, and may you find a place to rest in peace where your complaints will forever be silenced. It was pure luck that her silly tendencies weren’t passed along to her offspring!

Nisil, Rhodite’s daughter, was off in another land and completely unaware of her mother’s death. Judging by their few interactions, though, Nisil didn’t want to be associated with the sort of complaining that echoed through the corridors. Her conversations were sometimes odd, yet they had some sort of purpose. And I couldn’t fault a Geat who took care of herself. In fact, this was Nisil’s last moment in my world: With three healthy children and a fourth egg just laid, she was ready to head off in search of a new adventure! She made her way to CreatureLink, where she might still be available for adoption! On that subject, I hope to post a couple of new additions every few days that represent a wide variety. It’s been rather stagnant, yet I appreciate everyone who has been adopting and clearing out the old Creatures!

The newest Geat, Talonite, found himself right in the midst of a bunch of older males. Tombac offered his usual violent advice, while Zamak secretly smiled over the birth of his first child. Silver and black can create green in this land: Just ask Talonite! Such cute googly eyes, too, and no worries about getting trampled as a tiny Geat. One size for all ages works!

Before I could count to ten, another egg was ready to hatch! The lovely Stellite jumped into the world looking like she had taken a course in fashion when her genetics were chosen. She was the first fourth generation Geat already! Tombac and Vitallium certainly were proud parents… Even if Tombac was the grandfather and father. There was a pretty wide array of Colortrue Gaius about, yet they managed to find one another. Not the end of the world, though I might start exporting more Creatures to avoid such close family lines. Perhaps a brand new first generation Geat will be introduced every few generations to keep the gene pool a little more varied. It doesn’t actually matter too much, as those who have had extensive wolfling runs may understand. It’s mainly for lots of different colors!

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