Pipit’s Curse and Attempted Escape

After Pipit suffered from not just one illness, but a second emergency infection, it was nice to see him acting like a typical Norn again! He was still rather terrible in terms of eating properly, although he had made a good deal of progress. I decided to spend a little time with him so he could enjoy being a healthy little Creature again. He had already cemented his name in the next generation, so it was a lovely time to let him live a quiet, happy life. We were on the island, enjoying a somewhat impromptu tropical getaway, when he started to run about and act strangely. Whatever could the problem be? And whatever was Pipit running from?

Really, Creatures 1?! Another antigen attack on my poor Pipit? Contagious and uncomfortable with a fever (fever toxin not shown in this graph), his life force started to take another tumble. Luckily, he was the only Norn in the area and was also pretty quick to eat a carrot. His body was ready to fight off this infection, and fortunately the corresponding antibody built up quickly. Pipit coughed for a few minutes, yet I was perturbed. Was he some sort of antigen magnet? My original thought that he was cursed seemed to hold true, at least in the illness department. He could run away from the antigens, but he could never hide from them. Poor Pipit! He was on the road to recovery again in no time. I only hoped that the next illness would be a mild one. Leave him alone, for crying out loud!

Manakin was not ill, though he certainly acted like something was wrong. He developed a strange game where he would pick up a piece of food, drop it a little ways in front of him, and repeat the process all over again. When he reached the top level of the settlement near the telescope, he looked about ready to throw a radish over the edge and watch it crash to the floor below! I managed to interrupt him long enough to convince him to eat his new toys. I promptly replenished his supply, and he went back to work on his very important task of moving them all around. I only hoped he got some satisfaction from the activity!

Pipit was soon joined by Whydah on his vacation. She made a better friend than I did, or so I supposed. At least I was still the one who could make food materialize out of thin air! Perhaps he told Whydah his sad tale of his recent antigen attacks, for she was quite sympathetic towards him. She could recognize a strong Norn, too: Who else could bounce back from a 5% life force and live to tell the tale? Needless to say, a little egg was soon on its way! The only downside was in one gene, which would likely give the youngster a serious problem with decision making. All the same, I was quite happy for the couple! The only needling concern was Pipit’s curse… Would it pass down to his sons and daughters? It was highly unlikely, but so was his serious case of bad luck.

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