Top Secret Documents and a Creatures Project

Whatever could this be? It seems a very important document was intercepted by some rather nosy Norns. In actuality, I started to write down a plan for a project I’ve been meaning to work on. I started writing, and ended up with an entire page of notes and a general sense of the order of events. There is something much more personal about writing out plans, at least for me: I tend to stick with them better! The good news is that this top secret document actually exists, and means that I will be making some progress quite soon. The bad news is that it will likely stay hidden and secret for a decent amount of time as I finally put some work into it. This document only contains my thoughts and plans for the first step, which will certainly take a lot of time. Creatures projects aren’t always easy! I think the recent CCSF 2014 Basic Survey got me thinking about finally achieving this elusive goal. Some others have posted about their CCSF ideas, too, and it’s awesome to see that people are thinking about projects already! My own top secret project has no time table, simply because it all depends on how much time I will have to devote to it. If it was possible to push a button and get it all done in a day, it would be complete. Plus, I set a lofty goal. Time to work!

Those nosy Norns found this little scrap, with my very own handwriting! Oddly enough, taking a picture of pure white paper in slight darkness results in this neat, old paper feel. But I digress. There are still some ideas I need to write down and get my head wrapped around, yet I should be on a regular schedule with this project beginning this month. I really struggled to get motivated: I think many of us Creatures players lose interest in the game or our projects at times. There isn’t a set “thing” that gets us back into it, but when that happens, it’s pretty awesome! So keep an eye out for this secret project… Which may or may not be all that secret if you’re a longtime reader of Discover Albia!

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