“Geating” Caught Up in Docking Station

Since my entire Geat population migrated to a new world, they steadily grew more and more at ease with their environment. And as many Creatures players know, a comfortable Geat quickly turns into a kisspopping Geat! I found myself inundated with eggs, scattered about the world like a whirlwind had swept through the corridors. My recent visit was all about hatching eggs, and this time would be no different! First up was the son of Magnox and Cunife. Duralumin looked like he was from the first generation of Colortrue Gaius, yet he had a good mix of colors in his ancestral history. Granted, that only stretched back a few generations, yet it was exciting to see the different color combinations. He could care less what he looked like, though!

Life was hardly about to slow down with a nest of Geat eggs just ready to crack open! The next baby to hatch was Nambe, the daughter of Terne and Babbitt. She was one of the closest in color to blue, which was one color I was not expecting. There was a good chance that some sort of aqua strain could come from some of these Geats… Provided that they chose the right partners! Nambe wandered about the Banshee Bridge for a short time as she got used to her surroundings. As much as I wanted to spend a little time to get to know her, there were more Geats to name and introduce. It was an endless stream, though I could hardly complain.

It looked like there were two different sorts of Geats in this world: Those with bright colors, and those with metallic colors. Fortunately, there was a pretty even split. The newest Geat was Ultimet, the daughter of Talonite and Vitallium. She looked at me with some confusion, especially since her world suddenly expanded from the inside of an egg to an almost infinite area in Creatures Docking Station. The family tree I was crafting looked rather messy, courtesy of the generations mixing together. I started to export a few inhabitants, both to limit the population expansion and to ensure that no one had more than three or four offspring.

The multiple birth variables remained intact, so it was quite surprising to find out that Shakudo and Ormolo were the parents of identical twin boys! Billon and Constantan emerged from their separate eggs only to become tangled up. This would likely be the only way for two Colortrue Gaius to have the exact same color. I assumed that they would stay attached to one another like magnets, but instead of having opposite polarities, they were both positively charged. Ultimately, they raced away from one another to go their own ways. It looked like it would be a race to see who could grow up and start a family first! Such a lovely form of twin sibling rivalry.

While I was busy hatching a batch of previously laid eggs, my other adult Geats decided that it was the perfect time to add onto my queue. How very polite! Curponickle, the son of Talonite and Cunife, looked like a very happy fellow. Only there was a death alert a few seconds after he took his first steps, and to my dismay, it was this little baby who passed away. With such a short life, it was clear that there was some sort of genetic mutation that affected a major part of his system. I was in the midst of keeping up with everyone, so I had no time for a genetic analysis. Instead, I gave Curponickel a few postmortem tickles, a moment of silence, and a little farewell. He died far too soon, although there must have been a reason for him not to survive. At least he didn’t suffer.

I hoped that Cupronickel’s untimely death would be the only one of its kind. Fortunately, another egg was laid shortly after he died to soften the sharp sadness. Into the world came Hepatizon, the daughter of Kovar and Amalgam. Perhaps she was even rarer than twins: She was the second baby between her parents, both of who were monogamous! Their only other child was Celestrium, who had a similar hue, but was a little darker than Hepatizon. The fourth generation was already quite immense. Although I wanted to give everyone a chance to live in this world, I exported several young Geats to ensure that the population would not completely explode. Remember the days when these Geats refused to kisspop? They clearly didn’t remember!

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