Santa Norn is Comin’ to Town

Creatures 1 Grendels Snuggled Close TogetherEver since Nildeleer and Dahloi first met, they were virtually inseparable. Dahloi tried his luck at venturing forth into Albia on his own, yet he had one very special friend who refused to let him stray too far! When he decided to settle down for a short nap away from his very attentive Grendel friend, Nildeleer sidled right up to him in what looked like a game of tag! They might be eligible for the 2014 Cutest Grendel Couple Award!

Creatures 1 Norn in the Herb and Flower GardenMeanwhile, Athahain went further than she could have imagined, which was just beyond the borders of the garden. Since her last picture, she jumped forward into the next life stage. Being a baby Norn was fun, but how else was she going to touch the top of these flowers? I noticed a sad face on her for just a moment, when it looked like she had no idea what to do. A little encouragement with a lemon and tickle got her right back on track! Athahain even sampled some of the delicious herbs… And one weed. What Norn avoids those for a lifetime? She learned an important lesson, or so I hoped.

Creatures 1 Norn and Grendel Playing with BallYoung Brekennion finally took an interest in his new scaly companions. After his brief run-in with an illness just minutes after birth, he was a little behind on the learning curve. Dahloi and Nildeleer casually set me aside and took over: No one could teach a young Norn the merits of bouncing a ball better than those two! Soon, the ball brigade grew from two members to three. Brekennion learned the best techniques. Well done, Grendels!

Creatures 1 Santa Norn Near the IncubatorWith my goal of fully documenting this fifth generation of Norns without spending too long with them, the time was right for a new member. He was about six months too late (or too soon) for his intended holiday, yet this baby Santa Norn brought a whole lot of seasonal joy with him! Named Hleengar, he stood out among these Norns. Who could be his parents? Actually, he was one of the two first generation Norns to join this generation! The Santa Norn appearance genes nearly dwindled out, and it also seemed appropriate to bring in some fresh genetics to the gene pool. Hleengar possessed no mutations, although I edited his genome to include some of the genetic updates in this generation.

Creatures 1 Norn Near the Learning ComputerHleengar was one of the brightest little students Albia ever saw! He patiently waited for me to press the buttons, and recited his lessons with perfect diction. It was refreshing to have a Norn who really enjoyed the learning process! Perhaps it was the fact that I handed him a honeypot prior to beginning that perked him up. After getting tongue tied from all that speech, Hleengar cuddled up to his sticky companion to mull things over. He reminded me of a wise old Norn, rather than a bustling little baby! Perhaps he had some of the magic from the real Santa Claus! I let him magic away while I went to find the other Norns.

Creatures 1 Norn with a Smile in the JungleWell, hello! Athahain waited for me to show up before she stopped smiling. The reason for her excitement was completely unknown, yet that was just another mystery of the Creatures world. She and Brekennion met briefly near the herb garden. Despite their formal introductions and polite conversation, they decided to head off in their own directions for the time being. Albia was a very big place to explore, and they were fearless enough to take on the challenges and dangers alone! Athahain traveled the furthest of anyone, so far as I could tell. Perhaps she was simply laughing at the piece of cheese, since cheese is hilarious!

Creatures 1 Norn with a Ball Near the TempleDahloi and Nildeleer taught the young Brekennion well. I found him resting with his new obsession: First, it had been the bees. Now, with the help of the ball brigade, he held fast to one such ball. It was a little difficult to spy him hidden behind the decorative fence, but he was already past the baby stage. All that running and chasing about must have helped him grow up just a little faster! I was actually a little worried about him, since I had to backtrack and reteach him a few nouns I incorrectly associated in the beginning. Brekennion spent a much longer time in the nursery area. He flourished outside of it, though, so it seemed that there was little to worry about. Once again, well done, Grendels!

Creatures 1 Norn Taking a Nap in the NurseryWas there ever a better behaved Norn? I found Hleengar in the soft embrace of sleep at just five minutes old… All on his own! Now, there are very few accomplishments to celebrate when raising Norns. This, however, was one of them! He was an independent little fellow, and this boded well for his future. Rest was something he could only teach and experience for himself. Quite a smart guy! Hleengar had his trusty honeypot right next to him. I could just see him dreaming of a winter landscape, dotted with plenty of overflowing honeypots. Thanks, Santa!

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