Summertime Parties and Killer Albian Bees

Nothing signals the start of summer better than a beach ball party! Nildeleer and Dahloi missed out on the whole beach scene, though they staged a lovely garden party in the warm summer breeze. Although there was a new playmate to meet, the two Grendels contented themselves with their friendship. It was quite refreshing to see such well-behaved Grendels! They were a proper lady and gentleman, contrary to many Creatures 1 myths. I left them to finish up their little party, which could continue on indefinitely.

Little Athahain was all on her own, yet she discovered the excitement of her own lone garden party! She had a slightly better time, courtesy of her thoughtful addition of honey. There was no way she would forget to drag that delicious treat all around Albia! So far, it looked like she wanted to stay near the warmth of the fire and keep to herself. Athahain was one shy Norn, though I could hardly blame her. As much as she might have wanted to have Albia all to herself, there was an entire generation that needed to move forward.

After the incubator gears ground to life again, a new Norn suddenly found himself in a spot of sunlight. Welcome, Brekennion! This was the son of Blackcap and Cotinga. He may have been the newest addition to the world, yet he pretended like he was still inside his egg. It was going to be hard work doing more than just floating inside a shell! Brekennion sported the same set of genetic updates that will apply to everyone within this generation. His personality had yet to blossom, yet he had a number of unique genetic factors. Brekennion’s momentary stupor opened up the door for a genetic analysis!


Chemical receptors define parameters for a certain chemical. When these parameters are met, an element in the Creature is affected. These genes can increase drives, define life stages, control fertility, and more.

Mutation: 54 Chi B MutDupCut Creature, Drive Levels Boredom, chem=Boredom, thresh=2, nom=0, gain=255, features=Analogue
Default: 54 Emb B MutDupCut Creature, Drive Levels Boredom, chem=Boredom, thresh=0, nom=0, gain=255, features=Analogue

It finally happened: The first double mutation in a single gene! By default, this particular chemical receptor controls when a Norn will experience the boredom drive. Typically, this occurs from the moment a Norn is born and is felt whenever there is the slightest hint of the boredom chemical present. For Brekennion, this double mutation means that this gene does not switch on until childhood and he will need at least two units of the boredom chemical present in his system to have his boredom drive increase. In other words, the threshold of two makes almost no difference! Had this mutated to a larger number, then it would be like his way of withstanding a high amount of boredom. Alas, no such luck! Even though this gene is set to switch on only in childhood, I noticed that Brekennion’s boredom drive increased without a hiccup. Since I fill a baby Norn’s life with plenty of stimulation, this mutation would hardly come into play.

Just when Brekennion started to break out of his invisible shell of shyness, something bad happened. It coincided with the exact time that he learned the word… Which meant nothing, but was slightly comical! Any Norn expert should recognize this pose immediately, for it is the pose of a Norn staggering backward from coughing. That bee skittering away in the background stung Brekennion not ten seconds prior to this incident. Attack of the killer bee!

All joking aside, Brekennion was in some serious trouble. He was too timid to eat, and I had accidentally associated the word “food” with some unknown category. There was no time to figure it out! Even without the benefit of language, it was not too difficult to convince him to experiment with a tasty honeypot. I would have suspected something more sinister had he simply given up on eating! Fortunately, his newborn immune system was prepared for just such an emergency. The antibodies assembled and went to work. Well, in whatever “work” Creatures 1 antibodies can do in an unrealistic immune system. Did I care? Not at all. Brekennion recovered with just a 30% life force, yet he made it! What a way to be born! This seemed like an eerie omen. Was Brekennion the next Pipit?

By and by, the Grendel garden party dispersed… And simply changed venues! Brekennion met two very strange beings in the midst of his important life lessons. Dahloi and Nildeleer were hardly distractions, though. They wanted to celebrate with an after party that consisted entirely of slow movements, laying still, and napping. Living on the edge! Brekennion took a slight interest in them, although he was off in his own land. A couple of bees buzzed high above his head. After his nasty run-in with that one bee, he was careful to keep an eye on them all!

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