The Spontaneous World of Geats

Leave a bunch of Colortrue Gaius alone for awhile, and chaos seems imminent! However, I somehow managed to find a lull in the breeding calendar so that I could just sit back and check up on everyone. In the last update, everyone was doing quite well. I found Celestrium perched in a corner with an Eggstrvaganza egg to snack on. She looked right at home! It was pleasant to find one Geat on her own, courtesy of the eighteen or so others roaming about the world. The main benefit to exporting all of the older Geats was that the remaining members were relatively young and far too concerned with toys and food. Celestrium had no complaints about her life on the Banshee Bridge! It was perfect.

Three other bright ladies decided to attempt a nice portrait, although Alumel got the message a little too late. Stellite and Hepatizon looked out with their googly eyes like perfect statues! I noticed that the world was slowly turning more towards the pink and purple side of the rainbow, though that could be easily amended with a new addition. I had my hands full enough with the current members! These fancy lineups only happened every now and then, while the majority of their lives was spent running all over creation. No taking the silly behavior out of Creatures!

The best form of transportation around my Docking Station world was not any sort of expected method. There were no lifts, and no actual doors. Elevines provided an excellent means of going from one level to another, yet it was the pair of Offline Warp Portals that really got everyone excited! Stellite checked the newest traveler, Inconel, for any signs of portal issues. All of her cells looked like they were properly put back together! This was one of my last minute additions to the world, and I figured it might be a novelty. It was just the opposite: The portal was constantly zipping Geats around!

I ended my short visit with a spectacle that looked like it might have been planned. Constantan, Nambe, and Duralumin decided to put on an impromptu parade! They gathered up the robot toy to accompany them, but them practically tripped over its silly movements and could never quite get their order correct. It was worth the effort, though! With several of the older Colortrue Gaius sent off to CreatureLink, I will have some time to keep the population in check and consider adding in a new first generation Geat of a different color. This could almost turn into a specialized breeding operation for unique Geat colors!

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