Coming of Age in Creatures Docking Station

The First Steps of a Newborn GaiusThe last time my Geat world was in action, there was a single pregnancy from gold and pink parents. I broached the subject of selective breeding in Colortrue Gaius for specific colors. Although it was impossible to predict what the baby would look like, I was somewhat close! Hiduminium emerged with an aloof expression on his face: This was a very large world he was born into! Fortunately for him, some of the Geats were exported to make way for more genetic diversity. He was rather curious about all of the activity about him, where others milled about and disappeared through an Offline Warp Portal. Hiduminium decided to go on a short investigation as he got used to his new surroundings! As he would soon find out, he was not to be the youngest Geat of them all for very long.

The C3/DS Language of FriendshipStellite wore a very depressed expression as she desperately sought out attention. Her garbled sentence looked like a bunch of gibberish, although it vaguely sounded like she was attempting to say “Stellite love you.” The more likely explanation was that she was complaining about how tired she was! Inconcel clearly heard her traveling companion yell out to her, although she had something much more important on her mind: She was pregnant! I still have yet to find the best way to display a family tree, but this baby will be the first one in the fifth generation. Time has simply flown by with this population! I still remember the first generation Geats and what a struggle it was to get them to kisspop. That problem went out the window as soon as everyone moved to this new world!

A Docking Station Conversation Between GaiusBack on the top level of the Banshee Bridge, baby Hiduminium met his first potential friend. Most of my Colortrue Gaius were not trained in the language, since this easily led to incessant declarations about how much the group liked or disliked one particular member. Unlike Stellite’s comment, which seemed mildly understandable, Hiduminium told Nitinol a secret in a language that no one understood! She looked around and pretended to understand the young Geat, though it was painfully obvious that she just wanted to run away from him. However, she had a secret of her own: She, too, was pregnant! Most of the youngsters were roughly the same age, so I expected a surge of egg production.

Lining Up and Hiding Behind One Another in C3/DSSurprisingly, Electrum was the lucky father-to-be in both cases! Hiduminium followed him around, trying to get some pointers from this very fertile Geat. It looked like he was courting Stellite, though she was hardly interested at the moment. Glucydur posed directly in front of Nicrosil, which gave him a unique shadow! Perhaps Nicrosil was simply very shy, and decided to duck for cover behind Glucydur. He took some pointers from Electrum…

Two Geats with a Holo-WingCelestrium waltzed into the group for just a few seconds, and then walked away with a special delivery on the way! Three new Geats would be born soon, all in rapid succession. It looked like this group enjoyed growing all at once, rather than in a steady growth pattern. It would have been simple to unleash them all and transform this Creatures Docking Station world into a wolfling run, yet that seemed like a bad idea! I could just picture what it would be like to see the population explode like a colorful pinata. At least some of the females were busying themselves with other important tasks, like eating and jumping through the portal. Celestrium, Inconel, and Nitinol happily took on their parental responsibilities.

All Alone in Creatures Docking StationIn all the excitement, the usually popular Nambe found herself left out of the excitement. Although Glucydur didn’t show too much interest in her, she pursued him with an unending tenacity. For him to leave her for another Gaius was a lot for her to take in! The only solace she could find was a small mushroom that she struggled to pick up, yet she succeeded. Nambe was nearing adulthood, and her deeply thoughtful expression made me wonder if she was debating whether to go after Glucydur or not. Then again, there were plenty of other eligible bachelors for her to choose from!

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