Egg Collecting and Parenting in a Geat World

Colortrue Gaius and Colorful EggsI had plenty of eggs to keep me occupied since the latest population explosion, yet a few of my Geats decided they would play along! Billon and Ultimet knew that I was up to my ears in birth preparations, so they decided to cut down the number of “eggs” I had to worry about. Little did they know that these delicacies were actually the Eggstravaganza eggs! They greedily wolfed down as many as their stomachs could handle… And then took a few more bites! Since I added them to the world, many of my Geats survived almost entirely on a diet of candy eggs. Luckily, these were rather nutritious and were not about to rot away at metallic teeth! Do they even have teeth?

A Line Up of GaiusMany Creatures in Docking Station have little to no parental instincts: Their job typically ends as soon as a kisspop is over, or after an egg has been laid. In the case of Electrum and Nitinol, they actually stayed right near their egg up until the moment it was ready to hatch! This was an exciting time for this world, for the baby would be the first of the fifth generation. I was finally successful in bringing the population under control, at least for the time being. I had a feeling that wasn’t about to last very long, particularly with how friendly these Geats were!

A Dark and Mysterious CreatureOut of that lovely blue egg, which actually blended in quite well with the Offline Warp Portal, emerged Abelsonite! She was a little more unusual than what I had expected, although it was a welcome change to see a darker colored Colortrue Gaius. Luck and chance have been the main determinants of what color of the spectrum the population tends toward. Even with many related Geats, the diversity of the colors has never slowed down! Abelsonite would likely have an exciting time blending in with her surroundings. She was made to channel her inner (and outer) metallic image! There was a moment while she examined some of the Eggstravaganza eggs, yet she soon moved down the corridor in search of something else.

Doting on a Bright Geat EggThe parenting fever seemed to sweep through another expectant mother, Celestrium! She sat down near a ruby red egg, oblivious to the fact that body heat did nothing to speed up the baby’s birth. She might not have been the brightest of Creatures, though… This wasn’t even her egg! It belonged to Inconel, and was a decent ways away from Celestrium’s own egg. There was no harm in letting her bond with the egg for a few seconds, though. She would be in for a rude awakening when it disappeared and practically transformed into an entire Geat within a few moments! And then the crackling began…

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