Lessons in Playtime and Other Stories from Albia

A Norn Looking at Honey and a ToyThe desert island was the perfect place to spend a summer day! Athahain made the journey some time ago, and there was no taking her away from this lovely place. It was the quietest place in my Creatures 1 world, since the rest of my Norns and Grendels loved to make noise and play all the time! Athahain was much more inclined to look at the objects around her… Which is precisely how I found her. Rather than bounce the ball, she just watched it sit there in its motionless state. It seemed boring, yet she was very happy!

The Albian Garden and a Baby CarrotBack in the budding garden, Brekennion had his eye on a particular carrot. Out of all of them, he chose the baby one that was still a seedling! Sometimes I wish Norns and Grendels were not able to even see carrots until they could be picked: Plenty of them had spent several minutes attempting to pick a baby carrot without any success. Brekennion moved on pretty quickly, and returned to playing with the ball. As if that was a surprise! I made sure he got a full grown carrot to fill his tummy, and then I raced off to check on the next Creature.

Settling Down for a Nap in Creatures 1Amazingly, Nildeleer peeled herself away from playtime long enough to settle down and catch her breath. She was the one who typically followed Dahloi everywhere, yet she recognized when it was time to take care of herself! She even took the liberty of trying out some of the herbs, which she discovered were as tasteless as she imagined. This rest was quite short, however.

Bouncing the Ball with a Norn and GrendelHleengar had no trouble in continuing his play with Dahloi! They came a long way from their attempts at playing in the teleporter. It was funny to see how they were traveling together, courtesy of the unpredictable path of the ball! There was no denying that this generation was thoroughly invested in play! I never saw such a happy-go-lucky group of Norns and Grendels, which was a pleasant change. Athahain was the only serious one of the bunch, though I was happy to have at least one who could keep quiet! Perhaps the Grendel genome updates helped make Albia a better place to live!

A Group of Creatures Playing with a BallThe small sliver of hope I had that Hybralvao would slow down and grow into a quiet Norn went out the window… Brekennion and Nildeleer decided to make a commotion in the garden, which naturally intrigued the youngest member of the group. It was lucky that the poor carrots avoiding trampling with all of the bouncing and running about! Hybralvao needed a short lesson in playtime, since she apparently tried to catch the ball with her eyes closed.

Hanging Out at the Creatures 1 BeachAt just a little over an hour old, Athahain grew into a beautiful adult. Still on the island, I was actually stunned to see who her companion was! Dahloi traveled by submarine to investigate rumors of a lone Norn who didn’t play with a ball. As soon as his little Grendel faced showed itself, Athahain was thrilled and considered running about! Dahloi was a little unsettled by this Norn… She was far bigger than he anticipated, and converting her to the ball brigade’s philosophy might be a tad difficult. Anything was possible, though!

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